||F a m i l y R e u n i o n ||

__F a m i l y R e u n i o n __


On Memorial Day weekend we had one family from out of state stay with us, and more family staying other places. So we had a little family reunion! It was so much fun!! I loved seeing my family and just hanging out and having fun, it was great!! I took lots of photos, so I thought I’d share some of them here! 🙂





On Friday we spent half of the day cleaning the house, then our company arrived! We all hung out for a little while at home, then we went into town to visit Focus on the Family! (see AIO blog post about it, here)

After Focus we went to Chick-fil-A for dinner, it was yummy!! Then we went home, I made some cookie bars for the next day, and then we ate s’mores! It was a fun day!!





Saturday was a lot of fun, we did a lot and everyone was very tired once we got home, but it was worth it! 🙂


All the boys, dads, grandpas,  uncles, and cousins played a game of baseball! I did not watch much of it, but I heard it was entertaining! ⇑⇓



We did a family photo, that was fun! This is a pre-photo set up 😛 ⇑


Wow, after lots of waiting for people to get in the right place, I finally hit the button and got in the photo before the ten-second timer went off! 🙂


Water gun fight?! Nope, we were trying to herd chickens…yep, that is our family. 😛 


Setting up the chicken run fence! ⇑


My dad and two uncles are posing for me, those are their signature horseshoes moves, haha! 

Food prep, yummy!! 


We had a fun family history trivia game, my team won! (I am not in the photo though) Good job, team! 


My adorable second cousin, Sophie! I am happy for another baby in the family, she is so cute!! ❤ 

In the evening everyone went outside and we heard some stories about horses, I am not sure why horses…but they were entertaining! 😀


We also played some foursquare, I am really bad at it, but it was still fun!!  ⇑⇑




Getting ready for a church service at my Uncles, it was nice to worship with family! ❤

After church, we got sub sandwiches for lunch, and then some of the ladies went to an antique store. Some people went home to nap. And the rest went on a hike!


About to start the hike! It was more like a walk, but it was still fun! 



At the end of the trail, there was a fun tire swing and some huge trees!! 


Some more photos I took on the hike ⇑


Then everyone, who had not already gone back home, came to my Nana and Big Pop’s and we had leftovers for dinner, hung out outside, and just had fun! It was a fun day!! 😀 


It was such a fun weekend, I love getting together with family!! ❤ It was a lot of work, but all worth it!! 🙂




37 thoughts on “||F a m i l y R e u n i o n ||

  1. Wow! That sounds like my family when we get together… it’s crazy town but super fun!!
    Great post! I love the pictures! Which one are you in the big family picture?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It sounds like you had a ton of fun! I’d love to have a family reunion, but my relatives all live in China and I can only speak about 5% of their language. 😛

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