A Fun Summer Evening

One evening this August we went over to Kyler’s grandparents for dinner and to just hangout. I took some pictures, so here you go. 🙂


Look at this beautiful rose! 🌹

Kyler taught us this cool game called Carrom. It was really fun…i am not too good at it though. 

Any guesses on what this is?! 

After dinner, Kyler, Silas, and I went on a like walk to a place Kyler had discovered the day before. 

Nice view of Pikes Peak. 🏔️

Ahh cotton candy clouds

Climb boys, climb…I will be there in a bit. 

Please dont die. Thanks. 

I love rocks like these, so neat!! 

r e d   b e r r i e s 

Can you spot the two birds? 🦉🐦

Funny story. We were walking along and Kyler said “Oh neat is that a hawk?” and I looked up and only saw the owl and I got all excited because I love owls, then I saw the hawk too and  said “that is an owl and a hawk!” and for the longest time Kyler could not see the owl. Then I texted my mom this picture and she said “morning dove?” she only saw the hawk and thought it was a morning dove. 😛 

Okay, this is really blurry sadly. But there is a story to this as well. 🙂

  This was in our old neighboorhood (before we moved into the country) and we used to walk on this street and I was remembering that there was this bench we used to stop at. Silas and I were arguing about where on the street it was…then I saw it, and I pretty sure I may have screamed out of excitement. 😛 No clue how I managed to get such a blurry picture or turn this into a whole paragraph, but oh well.


Have you ever played Carrom? 



Random Photography


📸 R A N D O M   P H O T O G R A P H Y 📸



p u r p l e    s h i n i n g    b o k e h    f l o w e r s 


m y    b u d d y    M a r s h a l l


y u c c a


m y    f e e t


m o r e    p u r p l e    f l o w e r s 


P i k e s    P e a k 


A h h h    t h e    c l o u d s 


What photo did you like best? Want to see more random photography posts? 📷💕




{All photos are not edited}