Through the Lens of Gracie

Hello, friends! I hope you all have had a great weekend. Also sorry this is the 3rd post today. 😛

First off if you didn’t read my post, Photography Gigs, please go and read that then come back to this. 🙂

Sooo, on that note, I have officially launched the website!!! I have not yet gotten any social media. Just the website and email so far. 🙂

But please check it out and let me know your thoughts, and if you happen to know anyone who lives near me needing pictures taken I would love it if you shared my website with them!



Through the Lens of Gracie


Let me know your thoughts!! 📷



Photography Gigs

Hello, again! Today I have a very exciting update!!

In the past few months, I have had the wonderful opportunity to take a couple’s engagement photos, my friend’s senior photos and pictures of two siblings!! It has been so fun and I am so blessed to have been asked to do them! ❤

I am working on starting my own little photography business!! I have a website, and will hopefully be getting an Instagram, email, and maybe Facebook!

Until I officially launch those here is a snippet of the pictures I have taken, more will be on the website and socials.




🎓 -SENIOR- 🎓




Thoughts? 📷


Recent Photography

Hi! I am so sorry I have been so awful at blogging! I have a bunch of ideas, just not the time. Been busy with school, and babysitting lots, as well as photography jobs (lookout for a post about those).

Today I will be sharing some recent photos I have taken. 🙂 


we have some really pretty mini roses at our new house! 🌹


p i n k    r o s e s 


wow. okay this is a fat, scary spider…but also really cool! Silas thought it was going to jump at my camera because i was so close. 😛 


good job on your pretty web mr. spider. 🕸️


ahh i love mini roses, so pretty! 

yes, a very yummy sandwich!! 


this cutie 🥰 I have been babysitting her a lot lately, it has been so much fun and such a blessing to have a consistent babysitting job. 

my phone camera doesn’t do this sunset justice. the sky was so pretty that night! 💞

yummy, a pink sprinkle donut! 


thanks for reading! what was your favorite photo?