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Must Have Snacks It’s a requirement
Chillin in my environment and I Must Have Snacks Hand in the bag like I’m reaching for retirement It’s a must I can’t make a video until we see something to munch

and it’s a rush I’mma need so many of them just like a second lunch

a second lunch at least But If it’s up to me
I have a slurpy and some twizzlers every meal that I eat
I got some runts with me But if you want some beef
I got that Jack Links Jerky every day of the week
And if we ain’t talking dinner or the breakfast I just wanna know what’s going on the checklist If you’re going to the store please don’t rob me of a blessing
Imma need a mini meal in a second

the other day I’m hangin out with the buds prankin around makin some pals when out of my guts a sound then erupts, stomach’s growlin I must look around for some sustenance I can chow but then Justin butts in with a “woah bro you don’t want to do that it’d be too bad if you ruined your appetite I assume that you had breakfast we’re not even close to lunch”
then both of us know just what we’re sposed to munch, we bust the snacks out pullin every last ounce of em out to pass round Stax mounds of em got a one way ticket on the way to snacks town that’s how we do it bring two or three through at least every chance how you may ask did it get like this man it’s just somethin I must have now, do we have zapps? pounds we’ll get all you could need
got the Cheez-its are you serious man it’s all you can eat you want cereal we got Cheerios Pops or some Wheats obviously from Takis to Reeses we gotta have these snacks

rockin with the flavored water max pack I could knock back bottle after bottle that’s facts y’all can talk smack crackin jokes I’ma crack jack it’s automatic bro that ya know I gotta have snacks

I don’t dance like a square but I got dosidos and I don’t get cold feet I get Tostitos
and these flows are colder than ice cream Oreos
but I mostly don’t sleep though when it’s so sweet so

sometimes I’ll switch it up in it with somethin that’s a bit different and take some care, grapes or pears, pineapple or apple I don’t care when I say it’s fair game on a berry or on a mango I’ll bury it go bananas and make it scarce
oh brocolli, no problem either I’ll go there and I’ll take some carrots
but I don’t care it’s like I said I’m fine

whether Airheads or sliced, if I’m fed I’m tight
I got Jesus, livin water and bread of life
combine with some breakfast rice and let me ride cuz like


Okay, I know this is more of a goofy song, but it is my jam right now Also, if you enjoy funny YouTube videos PLEASE check out their YouTube, it is sooo awesome we love it so much!!

Be on the lookout for a post more about them coming soon!! 😀