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YB – FIRE EMOJI (Official Music Video)



We are the church with the truth still down to run with the troops run through the city praying for all of my woes Jesus the one with the juice covered in blood I remember many days
flipping out not a somersault letting me get the best of me pride came like phone calls
voicemails or messages turning up to what the level is time ticking on my watch God’s grace was like medicine
now I’m on a mission for reaching my neighbor impacting my city and that is the work it is finally a vision I’m casting a net for the people who listen and I gotta get

it sticking to business showing the lost the path a path to redemption bringing the hope to the hopeless hoping they get it bringing a light to the streets knowing they miss it

Uh God on my side and I’m taking these shots like I can not miss surrendered to Christ and gave Him my life He covered the bid leading a generation back to the Father. I’m gone do this til I die. I know what permanent is.

All about my father business I know I’m committed to bringing that new balance lace the game like tennis shoes running in this marathon don’t know if I got plenty time
distractions keep us tied up, its ribbons at the finish line running through the blocks like I got coaches I’m prepared to ride the wave if I see a tide approaching That’s my father. He won’t tarnish please don’t bother bless my wife lead my daughter I’m not worried about my chapters when I personally know the author and with all these opportunities

I pray the world see the church and see unity I pray the world see the body and see you and me black or white any background because every puzzle needs a different piece

on a waaaveeee soldiers praaayyyy we in the system but we cut the games boy we don’t plaaaayyy we on the field it can get real these are the words from the general many identical I pray I never speak on my own merit bringing nothing but winning truth

mask off time flies past all God when I do your work make it count like flash cards like nascars we drive your message He accepted the rejected He got love for broken people my God heart as big as Texas aye yay yay

we okay God has blessed my state of mind REALER state identity is in the blood DNA I’m in the zone His spirit strong we barely win when we play it safe aw yeah yeah

“I’m not worried about my chapters when I personally know the author” That is my favorite line in this whole song! Just a great reminder that God is the author of our lives, and we need to trust Him fully!!

This song has got the beats and the deeps.😁 What was your favorite line of this song?