Moving Adventures

Starting July 26th we started moving out of our old house. We couldn’t move into our new house till August 10th, so we had to move in with my mom’s parents till then and our move extra stuff, like furniture and such, into a storage unit and my dad’s parent’s basement. 😛

The evening of the 26th some of our family came over to help load up our UHaul with boxes of stuff to take to our storage unit. 

We got a huge UHaul…kinda too big. 😀

Cousins! ❤

Cousin moving crew, we rocked it y’all! 

(The next morning) Yes, gotta clean even the ceiling. 

Wow. Lots of different emotions here. Riding with my cousins to the storage unit. Exciting times. 

I was slightly distracted at the storage unit and forgot to take any pictures, but here we are trying to move our couch into my grandparent’s basement.


After that, we all went back to my mom’s parents to have pizza and relax. That was nice.


Now fast forward to August 7th. Our grandparents brought Chick-fil-A to our new house for dinner, since we had as we started painting closets and cleaning. 

Now it is August 10th. We are driving in the UHaul to the storage unit to officially start moving into our new house! 

Let’s go, Uncle Marco! 😎

This time around we got a smaller U Haul.

Woo ride time!!

My great friend Kyler came to help us move, and we rode with my grandparents from the storage unit. Yes, taking selfies in a moving car doesn’t work too well. 😛 

After we had unloaded the UHaul and cars we went out to the park and played groundies, while waiting for the pizza, that was a lot of fun! 

Good work, men getting that over the fence. 🎊

After lunch, us kids played spoons! 🥄

After most of the people had left some of us kids decided to walk to the nearby gas station to get some cold drink, that was a fun adventure. 🙂 

Moving is a lot of work, but I am loving our new house and loved hanging out with family and friends during the moving process. 🏠📦🚚❤️