All Above Me Concert!!

All Above Me Concert!!


Last Saturday I went to a concert!! It was so awesome!! Silas and I went early to help, and I got to take photos so that was a lot of fun!! 😀


Silas and I were in charge of greeting people and taking their admission money, that was fun.

They had some really neat merch. I forgot to bring any extra money so I wasn’t able to buy anything so that was a bit of a bummer.

First The Tether Project went. They are so talented and such a wonderful couple! ❤ It was great to hear them perform!

They had some epic lights and fog!!

Britt is the female vocalist. She is very talented and has a great voice!

Everyone was lovin’ their music.

During one of their songs, you could go up and take a selfie with them while they were singing. Everyone loved it! 😀

They had some balloons to bounce around. 😀

All the snazziness. 😀

The male vocalist, Guiller.

This is my rad peoples taking a selfie.

The drummer, Tim!

Silas (right) went up to take a selfie with the band, but I didn’t – I was taking pics of everyone taking selfies. 😛

The show was so awesome!! Even though it was a small turn out I think everyone who went had a great time!!

We got a selfie with the band, that was exciting!


Do you enjoy concerts? Ever heard of All Above Me?