day seven- books

b o o k s – here are some of our school books. 

Do you like reading? 📚


Well, this was the final day of Cassia’s photography challenge. 😦 This was a lot of fun, it was nice to do one of these again!! Thanks Cassia it was awesome!! 🙂 Also if you haven’t checked out her blog…umm what are you doing?! Go check it out right now! 😀




Recent Photography

Hi! I am so sorry I have been so awful at blogging! I have a bunch of ideas, just not the time. Been busy with school, and babysitting lots, as well as photography jobs (lookout for a post about those).

Today I will be sharing some recent photos I have taken. 🙂 


we have some really pretty mini roses at our new house! 🌹


p i n k    r o s e s 


wow. okay this is a fat, scary spider…but also really cool! Silas thought it was going to jump at my camera because i was so close. 😛 


good job on your pretty web mr. spider. 🕸️


ahh i love mini roses, so pretty! 

yes, a very yummy sandwich!! 


this cutie 🥰 I have been babysitting her a lot lately, it has been so much fun and such a blessing to have a consistent babysitting job. 

my phone camera doesn’t do this sunset justice. the sky was so pretty that night! 💞

yummy, a pink sprinkle donut! 


thanks for reading! what was your favorite photo?



What did I check off my bucket list this summer?

Happy September everyone. Well, school has started up so summer is over. Time for an overview of what I accomplished on my bucket list for this summer!


Blog. Of course, I hope to blog much more this summer. 👩🏽‍💻

ISH. Sadly I barely blogged this summer until mid-August, but I think a little break was needed.

Naturally Curly. I would like my hair to be just my natural curls more often, and less straightening and curling. 


YES. I wore my hair with natural curls almost every day. I think I only straightened my hair twice this summer! So I am quite proud. 

Sandals. I want to wear my sandals more and get a fun tan line. 🙂


YES. I wore my sandals a lot. I have feet problems, and these shoes actually don’t make my feet hurt as quickly! Though…I have gotten a few blisters from walking in them too much. 😛 

Cold Treats. Eat lots of popsicles, ice cream, slushies, etc. 🍧🍦

YES. Didn’t get a ton, well I guess 1 slushie, 4 iced coffees, and a good amount of ice cream…so I guess I did complete this. 

See more sunrises. I am a night owl and like to sleep in. But I have found out that I do enjoy sunrises and being up earlier. 

NO. This is a sunset…I saw a lot of beautiful sunsets! 😛 But never woke up early enough to see any sunrises, expect a few at the very beginning of the summer… oops. 

Watermelon. Eat lots of yum, yum, yummy, watermelon. 🍉


YES. I could have eaten a lot more, but I got a good amount. (This photo looks weird, but the sun was soo bright) 😛 

Laugh & smile. Laughter is so amazing, I hope to laugh a lot this summer. A simple friendly smile can change anyone’s day. 😀

Laughter is always 100% when hanging out with this goof. 

LaCroixBesides, water…this is the best refreshing beverage everr! 

YES. La Croix makes life better!

Tan. Get a nice tan but no lobster sunburn this summer, please. 


YES. I feel like I got pretty tan this summer, and no sunburn at all, yayy! 

Watch my favorite showI love Christopher Robin so much!! I have already watched it twice, and random parts of it many times. But I want to watch it all the way through again. ❤

YES. Ahh, this show never gets old. Such cuteness. 🥰

Driving. Get better at parking, city driving, night driving, and pass my driver’s license test!! 🚙

YES. Well, I have gotten better at driving…but not good enough at coming to complete stops at the stop signs to be a licensed driver. 🙄

YouTube. My bro and I might start a YouTube channel, we shall see. 

NO. We haven’t started one yet…but might at some point in 2019. 😀

Cousin time. Hang out with this goof. We are always talking, laughing, and being funny. Want to hang out with you lottss! ❤


ISH. Only got to hang out 1 on 1 with her once, but got to see her a few other times. But want to hang out again soon! 💞

Youth Group & Bible study. Enjoy time, fellowship, and fun with the youth in my church, and grow closer to God. 

YES. Got to hang out with this sweet girl and be goofy at our church garage sale! 

Go barefoot. My cousin and I have started taking walks, barefooted, painful, and maybe slightly dangerous. But oh, so memorable, and fun. 😀 


NO. Well a few times at the beginning of the summer, but then I was too focused on getting my sandal tan line to walk with barefooted, on walks. Though I did just walk around outside barefoot sometimes. 

Babysitting & Job. I hope that I will be able to do more babysitting, and possibly try to get a job, or start babysitting more full time. 👶🏼🧒🏼👧🏼

YES. Ha, crazy times. But also so fun, and I love the cuddles! 

Friends. Hang out with friends, I don’t have a ton of super close friends, but hopefully, I can change that this summer and strengthen the friendships I do have. 💞

ISH. Didn’t hang out with many friends besides Kyler and my cousins, but they are all dope so it chill. 😎

Kyler. Speaking of friends, Kyler who is one of my great friends was one of my best friends in my childhood. He lives overseas and is coming to the states for college, and he will be in CO for a few weeks. Can not wait to see him and make more memories like we did during our childhood summers. 🎊

YESS. Him, my siblings, and I got to hang out a lot as well as just him and I twice, so that was wonderful! Really miss him being in CO and getting to hang out. 

Move. Our house is under contract, we have to be moved out by the end of July, now we just need to find a house to move into. This will be a busy part of the summer, but exciting. 😀 🏡

YES. We have been living in our house for over a month now already, and it has been great!!

Finish this book. Yes, I still need to finish this book so I can finish that blog series and finish my review. As well as learn from the wisdom of Kristen and Bethany. 🙂


NO. Oops! I feel bad about this, and I will really try to get it done before 2020. 

Mini Golf. It’s something we do every summer, usually with the youth group and our cousins. I am not too good at it, but I always have fun! 

Yes. Didn’t get to go with our cousin which was sad, but did with your youth group and that was a lot of fun! 

Enjoy the outdoors. The winter months here in CO are so long, and the warm summer months are very short, so I would like to get outdoors and enjoy the warmer days more. 

ISH. Not as much as I would have liked, but whenever I did it was fun. 

Photography. Yes, I want to, and know I will take lots of photos this summer! 📷

YES. I took lots and lots of photos on both my camera and phone. I also got to take someone’s engagement photos! ❤

Hike. This has to do with photography and getting outdoors. I am not a very athletic/outdoorsy human, but I do enjoy taking nature photography a lot, so that is good motivation to go on hikes. 🗻

Only went on one hike sadly. 🙃


Pretty glad about what I accomplished this summer on my bucket list. What did you do this summer?



Moving Adventures

Starting July 26th we started moving out of our old house. We couldn’t move into our new house till August 10th, so we had to move in with my mom’s parents till then and our move extra stuff, like furniture and such, into a storage unit and my dad’s parent’s basement. 😛

The evening of the 26th some of our family came over to help load up our UHaul with boxes of stuff to take to our storage unit. 

We got a huge UHaul…kinda too big. 😀

Cousins! ❤

Cousin moving crew, we rocked it y’all! 

(The next morning) Yes, gotta clean even the ceiling. 

Wow. Lots of different emotions here. Riding with my cousins to the storage unit. Exciting times. 

I was slightly distracted at the storage unit and forgot to take any pictures, but here we are trying to move our couch into my grandparent’s basement.


After that, we all went back to my mom’s parents to have pizza and relax. That was nice.


Now fast forward to August 7th. Our grandparents brought Chick-fil-A to our new house for dinner, since we had as we started painting closets and cleaning. 

Now it is August 10th. We are driving in the UHaul to the storage unit to officially start moving into our new house! 

Let’s go, Uncle Marco! 😎

This time around we got a smaller U Haul.

Woo ride time!!

My great friend Kyler came to help us move, and we rode with my grandparents from the storage unit. Yes, taking selfies in a moving car doesn’t work too well. 😛 

After we had unloaded the UHaul and cars we went out to the park and played groundies, while waiting for the pizza, that was a lot of fun! 

Good work, men getting that over the fence. 🎊

After lunch, us kids played spoons! 🥄

After most of the people had left some of us kids decided to walk to the nearby gas station to get some cold drink, that was a fun adventure. 🙂 

Moving is a lot of work, but I am loving our new house and loved hanging out with family and friends during the moving process. 🏠📦🚚❤️






old house tour

So we have been out of our old house for over 20 days now, and it is still kinda weird. Life has felt like a dream for the past few weeks. We have moved out of the country and back into the city. Weird.

So let’s get started on the tour of our old house. 🙂 I took these pictures after we had moved all out, so it doesn’t look as homie, but you will still get the point. 



Welcome. This was our lovely red front door. 


Kitchen. It had so many cupboards and lots of countertop space. 


Dining room. I loved the open floor plan, very easy flow when we had a lot of people over. 


Two steps down from the dining area was our living room. It wasn’t super big, but because of the little pony wall (half-wall) between the dining and living, people could hang out in either place and still feel like we were together.


Our laundry room/storage room


We had this nice powder room, see the cute celling? 


This was me madre and padre’s bedroom


They had a nice big bathroom, with a nice walk-in closet (not pictured). 



This is the corner in my room where I blogged for many hours at my desk, cried over math, recorded podcasts, and created. 👩🏽‍💻


Ruby and I had a huge bedroom. I liked it, but it never really felt cozy. So I am excited about my new room (look for a post about it at some point). 


We had this little hallway in between our bedroom and bathroom with two closets on each side. 


This was our clothes closet.


Ayye! I miss that mirror, I really want a new one!! 


This was our amazing walk-in craft closet. It had such great storage!!


Loved our bright pink bathroom!


Now across the play hall (we had like our play kitchen and some toys here) to Silas’ room. 


First, we had this nice closet where we stored some games and Ruby occasionally hung out in for hours. 


Silas’ little blue bathroom. 


Silas’ room. Yes, that is a broken window. Good job bro. ⚾


He also had a great closet to store all of his games. Man, this house had such great storage! 


He had a really nice window seat, that I was always jealous of. 

Well, that concludes the tour of our old gingerbread house in the country. I do miss it, but am also loving our new house!! 


Should I do a new house tour? Have you ever moved? 🏡




life update: moving

life update_ moving

Heyy…okay so this has been a draft for over 20 days. oops. I have sat down manyy times to try to type out this post, but it just didn’t ever happen. 🙈😂

So, basically on July 26th, we moved into my mom’s parent’s house and then into our new house on August 10th!! So that is part of why I haven’t been blogging. I meant to write this post in July sooner to warn y’all, but oops. 😛 So now y’all know I am not dead. Yay.

Be on the lookout for many more posts from me during the next few weeks. With songs, house stuff, summer memories, and hopefully more. 🙂


How has everyone’s summer been? 😀 ❤



Peanut Butter Cookies!!


A few weeks ago Silas and I made peanut butter cookies and they turned out so yummy!! We had not made them in years.

We got the recipe from the Diary of a Real Housewife (linked below). 🍪




The adventure started when we realized we did not have any butter thawed…so we had to wait a long while to let the butter soften. 😛


All the ingredients.

Aprons on and ready to cook!

Preheat the oven to 350°.

Prepare the baking sheets.

Add the softened butter.

1 ½ cups of peanut butter

Sugar, I do not remember how much. But we did double the recipe. 😉

1½ cups of packed brown sugar.

2 eggs.

Mix it all together.

Adding some vanilla.

Combine it all well.

Then in a separate bowl add the flour

1 Teaspoon of baking soda.


Sift it all together!

Then slowly add in the dry ingredients and mix well.

Roll a ball of dough

Make a fancy criss-cross pattern using a fork.

Epic frustrated mess up. 😀

Looking good!

❤ ❤ YUM

Haha! 😀

We doubled the recipe because it said it only made 12 cookies…but it made a lot more than that! 😀


Do you like peanut butter cookies? What type of cookies do you like? 





c o o k i e s

c o o k i e s

Hello friends! I have one last Christmas post for everyone. 😀 

Every year my family makes sugar cookies and then decorate them, it is always lots of fun! I got to take some photos with my new camera, so that was fun! 🙂



Last year my family started using piping bags to decorate cookies, and I love it so much!! You can be so much more creative. 😀


See how much fun it can make them look?! 


Yum Yum!!


The piping bag busted…so I got kinda frustrated. 😛 


Snowflake. ❤


I love how this picture turned out!! I even got some bokeh from the lights outside!!😍

Did you make Christmas cookies in 2018? 😀


Christmas Is Coming 🎄

Christmas Is Coming

Howdy-Hey-Ho! Christmas is very soon, like 6 days soon!! It is so crazy! I can not believe it. 😛 

I am now going to share some photos of our Christmas decorations and our tree. 🎄


YES! I got the bokeh!! 😍🎉


Our grandparents got us this when we moved into our new house in 2015. 


Bokeh Christmas tree!!


My cute little yarn basket ornament. 


My ice skating bear named Gracie. ⛸


My violin!! ❤


Look at this awesome camera ornament my grandparents got me last year!! 😀


How does your family decorate for Christmas? 🎄

Fall Photography Collab With Ariana 🍁📷

Fall Photography Collab With Ariana


Happy Thursday, Y’all! Today I am collabing with Ariana from Ariana’s Flying Life!

Today Ariana and I are doing a fall photography collab.


Let’s start with Ariana’s!





Now onto mine…








Thanks again, Ariana for this fun idea!! Also, don’t forget to check out her great blog!





By the way, if any of you follow Bekah’s blog (Questionable Tortoise Couture) she is taking a hiatus until the 27th of this month. 🙂 ❤ 

Organizing my closet with IKEA!!

Organizing my closet with IKEA!!


A few weeks ago my mom and I went shopping at And my mom bought me some organizational things for my storage closet!! Thanks!! 🙂

I thought it would be a fun post to show Y’all before and after photos of my closet!!




We bought 8 different boxes and 2 magazine holders. The boxes are cheap and so easy to put together.

What a box looks like when you buy it. ⇑


Three pieces. ⇑


All the boxes are put together, and the 2 magazine organizers, they are metal. ⇑


A box once together! ⇑




Yikes. It’s pretty messy, and disorganized. *hides* 

As you can see I already had some boxes from IKEA, but we decided to get more, to organize it better! ⇑




So yea, that was the big disaster that I had to deal with, it is fun for me though, and now you can see what it looks like now!! 😀 





Wow!! It does look a lot better! 🙂 



The last two shelves still need some work, but the rest looks a lot better!! 



There ya go!! Looking at these photos I now see how much better it does look! It doesn’t look as good as I’d like, but it is a lot better!!


I recommend IKEA storage for sure, it is amazing!!



Have you ever been to IKEA?

Do you like to organize?

Would you like to see more organization posts? 




[Disclamer] This post was not sponsored by IKEA

Manual Photography Class -Overview-

Manual Photography Class - Overview-

Howdy friends! As the school year is finishing up for me, I thought it would be fun to show you all the photos I took for the Manual photography class I took at my co-op!


Week 1: Self Portrait-

Gracie's (1)


Week 2: Fast and Slow Shutter Speed-

Gracie's Fast Shutter

Gracie's Slow Shutter


Week 3: Shallow and Deep Depth of Field – 

Gracie's- Shallow

Gracie's- Deep


Week 4: Manual photo of anything-



Week 5: Kelvin Photo-

Gracie's (3)


Week 6: Portrait –

Gracie's (2)


Week 7: Portrait – 

Gracie's portrait

Week 8: Manual photo of anything-

Gracie's (4)


Week 9: Manual photo of anything-

Gracie's photo

Week 10: Three photos of anything-

Gracie rocks

Gracie's robin

Gracie's flowers


There ya go! We had 12 weeks of class, but 2 weeks we did not have homework.

What did you think of my photos? Have you ever taken photos using Manual mode? Or taken a photography class?


My Dream Home!!

Hello friends!

I saw a blogger do a post like this back in January, I thought it was a really neat idea, so I saved her post…and I am just now getting around to it 😛 You can see her post HERE!

So today I am going to show you what my dream house would look like!! I will do my best to narrow it down, and not make this a super long boring post! 😀







I would love a big kitchen!! Probably more of a farmhouse style. Barnwood, white, open, bright, bricks.


I am not a big fan of open shelving, but when it looks like this I love it! 


Again, open shelving…I mostly just like the movable island and the stove hood! 


I love the old brick!!! I don’t know if I’d want that much, but I do love how it looks in kitchens!! 


That would be so handy!! 


I love how they look!! 🙂 


It’s so cute!! 





I would love a big mudroom/laundry room. With lots of kids that will be needed 😛


Something like this would be amazing!! We have never had a mudroom, but if I could have one, I’d be so amazing!! 


I love these letters!! I definitely want some of these in my future house! 😀 


Simple and clean. 


I love how the farmhouse feels to this!! 




Strangely I don’t dream about my future living room too much, but I do know that it needs to be open, cozy and big!!


I like this open feel.


It is clean and cozy.


I also like this style.





I am not even sure if/why I’d need an office. But if I do, I’d love it to be very organized and bright!


Love that chalkboard!! 




The ideal craft area!! 


Cute idea for like a family office areas.





I want a big dining room, with a big farmhouse table…so we can have lots of family/friends!!


Love the long farmhouse table! 


It’s the same style, also love the chalkboard in the background! 





Must stay clean, and no white floors!! Those are so annoying! They are dirty  2 seconds after you clean them!! Dark floors and barn wood? And a fun color, maybe… 


I like the wooden counter.


Love the old window and the beadboard!


More beadboard! And yellow is fun!


I like the dark wood!!


I’d love a Barnwood wall!!





 Cozy, peaceful, and clean…


I love old wood floors! 


A Barnwood headboard would also be really neat!! 


I like the color scheme in this room! 


More of the wooden bed frame that I like.





Kids and guest bedrooms. They also must be cozy, fun, peaceful, clean and reflect my kid’s personalities! 🙂 e78eb6fb0aaa17a9d632727e46e2c589

It is so cute, pink, clean, and girly!! I love it!!! 


It is also pretty! 


More teenage-like, the colors are really fun! 


Love the frilly bed!! 


I love this bedroom for a boy!! 


Built-in beds/reading places are so neat!! I would love them in my house!! 





I would love to have land so we can have animals, and my kids can run around freely! And I can sit on my front porch watching them be kids! ❤ …


Farmhouse, yes, please.


A wraparound porch!! 


This style is also super cute!! 


I’d love a big porch like this!!


A porch swing!! 


Pretty front door! 


A clothesline, yes! 


Awwee!! I’ve gotta have this!! ❤ 


It would be so fun to lay out and read on it, or take a nap on a nice summer day!! 


*All images off of Pinterest*

There you go!! Now go buy it for me! 😛 Nahhh….you don’t have to do that unless you really want to. *winks* 

Anyways, back to normal…now you know what my dream house would probably look like! 🙂 

Did you enjoy this post? What do you imagine your dream house like?