Music Listening!



Must Have Snacks It’s a requirement
Chillin in my environment and I Must Have Snacks Hand in the bag like I’m reaching for retirement It’s a must I can’t make a video until we see something to munch

and it’s a rush I’mma need so many of them just like a second lunch

a second lunch at least But If it’s up to me
I have a slurpy and some twizzlers every meal that I eat
I got some runts with me But if you want some beef
I got that Jack Links Jerky every day of the week
And if we ain’t talking dinner or the breakfast I just wanna know what’s going on the checklist If you’re going to the store please don’t rob me of a blessing
Imma need a mini meal in a second

the other day I’m hangin out with the buds prankin around makin some pals when out of my guts a sound then erupts, stomach’s growlin I must look around for some sustenance I can chow but then Justin butts in with a “woah bro you don’t want to do that it’d be too bad if you ruined your appetite I assume that you had breakfast we’re not even close to lunch”
then both of us know just what we’re sposed to munch, we bust the snacks out pullin every last ounce of em out to pass round Stax mounds of em got a one way ticket on the way to snacks town that’s how we do it bring two or three through at least every chance how you may ask did it get like this man it’s just somethin I must have now, do we have zapps? pounds we’ll get all you could need
got the Cheez-its are you serious man it’s all you can eat you want cereal we got Cheerios Pops or some Wheats obviously from Takis to Reeses we gotta have these snacks

rockin with the flavored water max pack I could knock back bottle after bottle that’s facts y’all can talk smack crackin jokes I’ma crack jack it’s automatic bro that ya know I gotta have snacks

I don’t dance like a square but I got dosidos and I don’t get cold feet I get Tostitos
and these flows are colder than ice cream Oreos
but I mostly don’t sleep though when it’s so sweet so

sometimes I’ll switch it up in it with somethin that’s a bit different and take some care, grapes or pears, pineapple or apple I don’t care when I say it’s fair game on a berry or on a mango I’ll bury it go bananas and make it scarce
oh brocolli, no problem either I’ll go there and I’ll take some carrots
but I don’t care it’s like I said I’m fine

whether Airheads or sliced, if I’m fed I’m tight
I got Jesus, livin water and bread of life
combine with some breakfast rice and let me ride cuz like


Okay, I know this is more of a goofy song, but it is my jam right now Also, if you enjoy funny YouTube videos PLEASE check out their YouTube, it is sooo awesome we love it so much!!

Be on the lookout for a post more about them coming soon!! 😀 




What did I check off my bucket list this summer?

Happy September everyone. Well, school has started up so summer is over. Time for an overview of what I accomplished on my bucket list for this summer!


Blog. Of course, I hope to blog much more this summer. 👩🏽‍💻

ISH. Sadly I barely blogged this summer until mid-August, but I think a little break was needed.

Naturally Curly. I would like my hair to be just my natural curls more often, and less straightening and curling. 


YES. I wore my hair with natural curls almost every day. I think I only straightened my hair twice this summer! So I am quite proud. 

Sandals. I want to wear my sandals more and get a fun tan line. 🙂


YES. I wore my sandals a lot. I have feet problems, and these shoes actually don’t make my feet hurt as quickly! Though…I have gotten a few blisters from walking in them too much. 😛 

Cold Treats. Eat lots of popsicles, ice cream, slushies, etc. 🍧🍦

YES. Didn’t get a ton, well I guess 1 slushie, 4 iced coffees, and a good amount of ice cream…so I guess I did complete this. 

See more sunrises. I am a night owl and like to sleep in. But I have found out that I do enjoy sunrises and being up earlier. 

NO. This is a sunset…I saw a lot of beautiful sunsets! 😛 But never woke up early enough to see any sunrises, expect a few at the very beginning of the summer… oops. 

Watermelon. Eat lots of yum, yum, yummy, watermelon. 🍉


YES. I could have eaten a lot more, but I got a good amount. (This photo looks weird, but the sun was soo bright) 😛 

Laugh & smile. Laughter is so amazing, I hope to laugh a lot this summer. A simple friendly smile can change anyone’s day. 😀

Laughter is always 100% when hanging out with this goof. 

LaCroixBesides, water…this is the best refreshing beverage everr! 

YES. La Croix makes life better!

Tan. Get a nice tan but no lobster sunburn this summer, please. 


YES. I feel like I got pretty tan this summer, and no sunburn at all, yayy! 

Watch my favorite showI love Christopher Robin so much!! I have already watched it twice, and random parts of it many times. But I want to watch it all the way through again. ❤

YES. Ahh, this show never gets old. Such cuteness. 🥰

Driving. Get better at parking, city driving, night driving, and pass my driver’s license test!! 🚙

YES. Well, I have gotten better at driving…but not good enough at coming to complete stops at the stop signs to be a licensed driver. 🙄

YouTube. My bro and I might start a YouTube channel, we shall see. 

NO. We haven’t started one yet…but might at some point in 2019. 😀

Cousin time. Hang out with this goof. We are always talking, laughing, and being funny. Want to hang out with you lottss! ❤


ISH. Only got to hang out 1 on 1 with her once, but got to see her a few other times. But want to hang out again soon! 💞

Youth Group & Bible study. Enjoy time, fellowship, and fun with the youth in my church, and grow closer to God. 

YES. Got to hang out with this sweet girl and be goofy at our church garage sale! 

Go barefoot. My cousin and I have started taking walks, barefooted, painful, and maybe slightly dangerous. But oh, so memorable, and fun. 😀 


NO. Well a few times at the beginning of the summer, but then I was too focused on getting my sandal tan line to walk with barefooted, on walks. Though I did just walk around outside barefoot sometimes. 

Babysitting & Job. I hope that I will be able to do more babysitting, and possibly try to get a job, or start babysitting more full time. 👶🏼🧒🏼👧🏼

YES. Ha, crazy times. But also so fun, and I love the cuddles! 

Friends. Hang out with friends, I don’t have a ton of super close friends, but hopefully, I can change that this summer and strengthen the friendships I do have. 💞

ISH. Didn’t hang out with many friends besides Kyler and my cousins, but they are all dope so it chill. 😎

Kyler. Speaking of friends, Kyler who is one of my great friends was one of my best friends in my childhood. He lives overseas and is coming to the states for college, and he will be in CO for a few weeks. Can not wait to see him and make more memories like we did during our childhood summers. 🎊

YESS. Him, my siblings, and I got to hang out a lot as well as just him and I twice, so that was wonderful! Really miss him being in CO and getting to hang out. 

Move. Our house is under contract, we have to be moved out by the end of July, now we just need to find a house to move into. This will be a busy part of the summer, but exciting. 😀 🏡

YES. We have been living in our house for over a month now already, and it has been great!!

Finish this book. Yes, I still need to finish this book so I can finish that blog series and finish my review. As well as learn from the wisdom of Kristen and Bethany. 🙂


NO. Oops! I feel bad about this, and I will really try to get it done before 2020. 

Mini Golf. It’s something we do every summer, usually with the youth group and our cousins. I am not too good at it, but I always have fun! 

Yes. Didn’t get to go with our cousin which was sad, but did with your youth group and that was a lot of fun! 

Enjoy the outdoors. The winter months here in CO are so long, and the warm summer months are very short, so I would like to get outdoors and enjoy the warmer days more. 

ISH. Not as much as I would have liked, but whenever I did it was fun. 

Photography. Yes, I want to, and know I will take lots of photos this summer! 📷

YES. I took lots and lots of photos on both my camera and phone. I also got to take someone’s engagement photos! ❤

Hike. This has to do with photography and getting outdoors. I am not a very athletic/outdoorsy human, but I do enjoy taking nature photography a lot, so that is good motivation to go on hikes. 🗻

Only went on one hike sadly. 🙃


Pretty glad about what I accomplished this summer on my bucket list. What did you do this summer?



The 4th of July!


Happy Belated Independence Day! Let’s see what I did on July 4th. 🎆🇺🇸💕

First, I was cat-sitting, July 4th-9th. So I went and did that. (A post is coming soon with more cat photos.) 😻

Then we went and looked at a house that didn’t feel like the 4th of July. 😛 

Then we went to my uncles to hang out with family. This is my third(?) cousin, Sophie. She is such a cute happy baby!! 🥰

Took lots of goofy selfies with my awesome cousin, Amelia!! 

O L D   B A S E B A L L   G L O V E   A N D   B A T   I N   A N  O L D  B O X 

The little kids played in a pool, and then attacked me with water when I tried to take pictures. 

Oooh, look at my pretty cousins! ❤ 

Oh my goodness. This is me and Amelia’s favorite chicken that my uncle has!! She is so unique and awesome!! 💕 We thought that she was dead for months…but AFRO LIVES ONN!! 🎊

Oops, broken flipflop. Silas fixed it though! 😀 

The sunset was so pretty that night!! 

Sweet daddy and his daughter, Sophie. ❤

After it got dark we started doing some fireworks!! Also, a post with all firework photos coming soon. 🎆

After the awesome fireworks, we did some sparklers!! Might also do a post with sparkler photography too. 😛 


It was a fun day, took lots of photos, made fun memories, and laughed a lot! How was your 4th of July? 🎆🎇🍉




{All photos are not edited}

Music Listening!



Steven Malcolm – Cereal Remix [Official Music Video] Featuring Sadie Robertson


I need some Fruit Loops Maybe some Lucky Charms Never can have too much Cinnamon Toast Crunch I’m talking about 2% milk To go with them Trix I’m bout to kill I’m talking about 2% milk To go with my everyday meal

A bowl of that cereal, a bowl of that cereal
A bowl of that cereal, a bowl of that cereal
A bowl of that cereal, a bowl of that cereal
A bowl of that cereal, a bowl of that cereal

I’m talking about 2% milk To go with these Trix I’m bout to kill
I’m talking about 2% milk To go with my everyday meal A bowl of that cereal!

Don’t care what the size it is, wake up every morning you know what time it is
Don’t need me a cup of that Folgers, pour me them marshmallow clovers
When it come to the size of the bowl, the bigger the better

Growing up I can only have some in the morning, but now it’s whenever
A bowl of that cereal Boxes of hotness all up in my shopping cart Got the $10 I’m copping, bruh No other breakfast is toppin’ ya General Mills with that Toast Crunch For breakfast and dinner, for sure lunch
Grab me them Frosted Flakes Why is that? Because they’re gr-r-reat!

I don’t think you get it I’m that Apple-Jack-Flipping Fruity-Pebble-Box-Getting
Rice-Krispie, (only with the sugar, though) Reese’s-Puff, Mini-Wheat Monster Had one bowl, and can’t stop, bruh Can’t forget them Honey Nut Cheerios I need me another bowl of that cereal!

I need some Fruit Loops Maybe some Lucky Charms Never can have too much Cinnamon Toast Crunch I’m talking about 2% milk To go with them Trix I’m bout to kill I’m talking about 2% milk To go with my everyday meal

A bowl of that cereal, a bowl of that cereal
A bowl of that cereal, a bowl of that cereal
A bowl of that cereal, a bowl of that cereal
A bowl of that cereal, a bowl of that cereal

I’m talking about 2% milk To go with these Trix I’m bout to kill
I’m talking about 2% milk To go with my everyday meal A bowl of that cereal!

So I got a home girl I wanna introduce to y’all Straight from the dirty dirty dirty south Slim Sadie

Yeah, this the remix They call me Slim Sadie you know who it is
Got me a bowl of that cereal, look at the flicka da wrist Cocoa Pebbles, Golden Grahams, Honey Bunches of Oats Steven Malcolm is dope but you know I’m the best of the flow

(a bowl of that cereal) livin’ original, yeah, they lovin’ the prodigy Deuces up to all the haters I bet they still Duckin’ my Dynasty We be the realest, we carry the miracle with us

How could we all be so full of his love, yet cereal killers? (talk to ’em) Captain Crunch, breakfast, brunch, dinner, lunch bowl of that cereal

How could you literally sit there and just eat it once?
Yours truly, shout out to all of my cereal killas
I need me a spoon that you dip in the milk and it change colors

I need some Fruit Loops Maybe some Lucky Charms Never can have too much Cinnamon Toast Crunch I’m talking about 2% milk To go with them Trix I’m bout to kill I’m talking about 2% milk To go with my everyday meal

A bowl of that cereal, a bowl of that cereal
A bowl of that cereal, a bowl of that cereal
A bowl of that cereal, a bowl of that cereal
A bowl of that cereal, a bowl of that cereal

I’m talking about 2% milk To go with these Trix I’m bout to kill
I’m talking about 2% milk To go with my everyday meal A bowl of that cereal


This week’s song is more of a silly song to jam out to this summer. What is your favorite type of cereal? 🥣😎 



Summer Song 2019 Concert!

Heyy! I am so sorry that I have been so bad at posting anything besides the Music Listening posts… 😔

Anyways, I have a super fun post for y’all today! Two weeks ago my mom, dad, Silas and I went to a super fun concert called Summer Song. Let’s get to the pictures I took! 🎊









After we drove up to Denver we parked in a parking lot then walked over a scary bridge that went right over the highwayyy! It felt so weird when the cars would be coming right towards you so fast…ackk!

We had to wait in line to go through security for a long time but finally got in. Yay!

After we found our seats and were just chilling, a lady from Air1 came up and said there was an actor meet n greet! So my mom and I went to go check it out and we walked around the corner and I said “Ooh! It’s Social Club Misfits! Where is Silas?” So I quickly texted my dad and Silas and told them to come over right away! 😀

Ayye! Look at us! Just ignore my cheesy peace sign. 😛 Fern and Marty were so down to earth and fun!

After that, we looked over and saw that Zach Williams was at the WAY-FM booth! He is so very tall, and we are so very short…but still so neat that we got a picture with him. There was no line at all, so that was so awesome!!


First up, Land of Color!

They have some super catchy songs, with great messages! 🎶
Jasmine Murray, I have never really gotten into her music. But she has an amazing voice and songs with great messages.
Social Club!! Very talented rappers. 😎
Their songs are very fun!! I wish more people would have gotten more hyped with their songs though.
Woo! His songs are also so wonderful!!
Yayy! I got Austin French smiling. 🙂
Silas and I melting in the very hot sun. ☀
Zach Williams! We had seen him at a concert before, but it was fun to again. His songs are so powerful!
After Zach Williams, we went to go find some food and take some sunset photos while waiting for them to set up the stage for…just keep reading to find out who. 😀
We were sitting closer up, in the middle section. But here is a better view of how many people were there!
Nachosss! 😋
After waiting for a long while the final singer finally started and it was…
TOBY MAC!!! 🎉🎶😎🎤
(phone photo) He puts on such a party concert. It was so fun!!
 I was mostly taking videos, since it was dark and harder to get a good photo. But it was so fun to see people ages 4-74 singing his new and old songs, having a blast! 🙂


I love concerts so much!! This was a really fun way to start off the summer, thanks, mom and dad!

Have you seen any of these singers before at a concert? 🎶


Peanut Butter Cookies!!


A few weeks ago Silas and I made peanut butter cookies and they turned out so yummy!! We had not made them in years.

We got the recipe from the Diary of a Real Housewife (linked below). 🍪




The adventure started when we realized we did not have any butter thawed…so we had to wait a long while to let the butter soften. 😛


All the ingredients.

Aprons on and ready to cook!

Preheat the oven to 350°.

Prepare the baking sheets.

Add the softened butter.

1 ½ cups of peanut butter

Sugar, I do not remember how much. But we did double the recipe. 😉

1½ cups of packed brown sugar.

2 eggs.

Mix it all together.

Adding some vanilla.

Combine it all well.

Then in a separate bowl add the flour

1 Teaspoon of baking soda.


Sift it all together!

Then slowly add in the dry ingredients and mix well.

Roll a ball of dough

Make a fancy criss-cross pattern using a fork.

Epic frustrated mess up. 😀

Looking good!

❤ ❤ YUM

Haha! 😀

We doubled the recipe because it said it only made 12 cookies…but it made a lot more than that! 😀


Do you like peanut butter cookies? What type of cookies do you like? 





Pool Side, Wells Fargo, and Raising Canes!

Pool Side, Wells Fargo, and Raising Canes!

We are now on day 4 of our trip…let’s see what we did!


The pool got really deep…and I am scared of water, so walking close to the edge was risky. 😛 

Pigeons!! I kept kind of chasing one around the pool… that was fun, haha! 

I love some La Croix! 

Doing some blogging and TV watching in the room. 

A few hours later we went to the Wells Fargo Museum

A neat old building on the same street. 🙂 

Ruby and I in a carriage.

Haha! Look at me! 😀 Should I become President?!

Ooh, yea!! Look at Silas and me! 😎

It was a super neat museum. It was free as well! I definitely recommend it if you are ever in the Phoenix area. 🙂

Look at this street lined with tall palm trees. 

For dinner, we went to Raising Cane’s.

Yummy, yum! My uncle loves this place and we have never been, so we thought we would try it out! 😋

Love the disco balls and the big “Eat” on the wall! 


All the tall buildings in the night. 🌃


Have you ever tried Raising Cane’s? 🍗



*all photos are mine and are not edited. Please do not use any without asking permission first.* 


Palm Trees, Rocks, Cacti, and Arizona!!

Palm Trees, Rocks, Cacti, and Arizona!!,


After a nice night of rest, cable TV, and some yummy breakfast. Silas and I went outside to explore the pool area and I took some photos of the palm trees!!


Palm trees at our hotel!

Ahh! Palm trees are so neat! 😀

Rosie in a part of Ruby’s swimsuit! 😛 

There was this neat fountain…waterfall thing at the pool was very pretty! 

I did not really want to get in the pool with it only being in the 50s…so I just rolled up my jeans and put my feet in. 🙂 

Silas and I were just chilling at the pool. 😎

There were some beautiful flower bushes by the pool! 

Details of the palm tree. ❤ 


More pretty flowers!


Oh yes! So after chilling around the pool for a little while, we took a walk to get Subway…on the walk there we saw so many neat plants and that we aren’t used to in Colorado! 

It was insane. There were orange bushes/trees!! They were huge oranges. 🍊

Also lemons!! We were all freaking out…I had never seen oranges or lemons that were not in a store, haha! 🍋

During the walk. 🙂

Ahhh! I love this picture!! ❤

Yum, yum. I love Subway! 

A few hours later we went to the Hole-In-The-Rock. 🙂 

Cactus and Palm Trees! 

Ooh! The view from the hole. 

The views were very pretty! ❤ 

See the skyline of Phoenix?

My dad, Ruby, and Rosie at the top of the hole. 🙂 


After enjoying our time at the Hole-In-The-Rock, we went to Red Robin. My mom and I split a yummy burger and a salad!! 😋


What was your favorite photo from this post?




*all photos are mine and are not edited. Please do not use any without asking permission first.* 

Now off to Arizona!

Now off to Arizona!


The next morning after breakfast and some chilling, then we hit the road to head to Arizona!



There were a lot of neat rock formations along the drive!!

Got some KFC for the road. 

Haha…well we are in AZ now, and there is snow. Yay! 🙄

Pretty. ❤

Yummy Starbucks!! Thanks, mom and dad! 😋

Wow. There has been a lot of snow in AZ so far, haha! 

This field was so green…compared to CO this time of year. 😛

We got to Phoenix and I freaked out when I saw cactus and palm trees for the first time on the drive into Phoenix!! Then we got to Chick-fil-A, and there was this epic car!! 

Yummm, gotta love some Chick! ❤ 

We got to our hotel pretty late. But it was super nice! This was the view off our back deck!


Have you seen a palm tree or cactus before? 🌴🌵




*all photos are mine and are not edited. Please do not use any without asking permission first.* 

-Driving to New Mexico-

-Driving to New Mexico-

Hola! Just got back from a little family vacation to AZ and NM! You will see a total of 5 posts about the trip. I had fun taking a lot of photos. 😀 Both on my phone and my camera!


We left the driveway at about 10:45am…only about 45 minutes behind. 😀 

Pikes Peak as we’re leaving town. ❤

Wind Turbines out the dirty back car window. 

Interesting “mountains” 😀

Yay! We got to our hotel!! 

After we got a little settled into our hotel we went to Whataburger. It was our first time. 🙂 Have you ever eaten at Whataburger?! 


See you tomorrow for part two!!




*all photos are mine and are not edited. Please do not use any without asking permission first.* 























c o o k i e s

c o o k i e s

Hello friends! I have one last Christmas post for everyone. 😀 

Every year my family makes sugar cookies and then decorate them, it is always lots of fun! I got to take some photos with my new camera, so that was fun! 🙂



Last year my family started using piping bags to decorate cookies, and I love it so much!! You can be so much more creative. 😀


See how much fun it can make them look?! 


Yum Yum!!


The piping bag busted…so I got kinda frustrated. 😛 


Snowflake. ❤


I love how this picture turned out!! I even got some bokeh from the lights outside!!😍

Did you make Christmas cookies in 2018? 😀


The Avocado Tag 🥑🥑

Image result for avocado tag

Hey, again! Here I am with another tag! I was also tagged for this one in July, oops! Thanks, Lydia for nominated me!! 🥑


  1. Thank the person who tagged you giving a link to their blog.
  2. Mention le creatorrrrr of dis tag giving a link to their blog.
  3. Publish this post using the tag on WordPress: AvocadoTag (all together) so Ana can read all cho posts!
  4. Answer les questions.
  5. Tag at a minimum 10 people to do this tag and let them know you tagged them.
  6. The questions are the same for everyone, you answer the questions and the people you tagged answer them too!
  7. Add the Avocado tag logo in you post (AKA my header)


Now, the first question.

Q: What do you like to doing most during the summer?

A: Hanging out with friends and cousins. And taking nature photography. 📷

Q: What is your favorite summer drink?

A: Water 😛 💧

Q: Do you like avocados?

A: YES! And I have ever since I was young. 🥑🥑😍

Q: Do you like spicy food? If yes, what’s your fave spicy food? If not, why not lol?

A: I like the taste. But my taste buds don’t. 🔥

Q:  What is the last thing you have eaten?

A: Pesto and a mint chocolate pretzel. 

Q:  Last song you have listened too?

A: Some Christmas song 😛🎄

Q: Tell us a funny anecdote you’ve had.

A: Umm. I don’t know, haha! 

Q: Would you rather be a zebra with rainbow stripes or a zebra whose stripes glow in the dark?

A: Umm…neither?! 🦓

Q: Can you draw a shark with your opposite hand (the hand you don’t use to write nor draw)? Show a picture!

A: Okay…I did it. And it looks really bad 😀 😀 

Q:  What are three things that make you laugh?

A: Puns, inside jokes, and just everything funny. haha 😛


{Chick-fil-A} A life update


Hey friends! So some of you may have already know that I applied for a job at Chick-fil-A, and many of you have been wondering why I have not said anything about it. The truth is, it has been rather complicated. So, today I am gonna do my best to explain it all. 😉


So, back in the end of May we were at Chick (Chick-fil-A) and I asked if they were hiring, and the lady said yes, and gave me a card with the name of the website to submit my application to.

So, about a week later (after some help from my parents) I submitted my first job application!!



Then about a week later we got a call from a guy at Chick (I will call him L) he was asking if I could come in later that week for an interview! I was so excited and nervous! 


(Before my first interview…excuse the white stuff all over the mirror* 😛 ) I feel like the first interview went pretty well, I was very nervous, and took a little while to get comfortable, but L was very nice and funny.

At the end of the interview he basically told me they would not need me during the summer, but since I was a homeschooler and had more flexible hours I could work in the school year! Since many of the workers are highschooler who cannot work during the school day. 😉


So, I left the interview feeling pretty good, and with a milkshake (thanks dad!) Then, just a few minutes after I got home L called asking if I could come in two days later for an interview with his (assistant, I think) I said yes, and was feeling pretty excited. 😀


(All ready for my second interview!*) I felt much more confident about this one. It was kinda weird though because it was super short, and she basically asked me the same questions as L did. She said the L would give me a call with their decision.

So, for weeks I anxiously waited for a call from him. And I even called him twice, in case he lost my number or something. But he never returned my calls. It was super discouraging. 


Then after about 2 months, and still no word from him. I found out that one of my friends applied at the same Chick and he told me they were hiring, so I decided to apply again, in case L had thought that once the school year started I would just apply again. 

A week after that I found out that my friend got a job there because he knows L. My friend’s sister thought that if I told L that I know S (my friend) he might hire me. So I texted L, telling him who I was, and that I know S. And he texted back wondering if I could work about 30hrs a week! 

30hrs a week is too much for me to be working so I told him I could do around 15hrs a week. He never texted back to that. So just the other day I went in to see if he was there so I could just talk to him. And have him just tell me that they weren’t going to hire me. But he was “busy”. 

So, I dropped that dream job. And have now applied for a job at a coffee shop. I will try to keep y’all more updated about this job situation. 😉

If you actually read that whole rant, then THANK YOU. 😀 I did not write this post to talk bad about Chick or L, but just to fill you all in on my life. I still love Chick and am happy that S was able to get a job there. 😉

Exactly. Whats meant for you, is for you. No need to chase, beg or settle.

This was a good learning experience. I was kinda trying to chase the job at Chick, but now I know that I am not supposed to work there, at least not in this stage of life. I know I will look back in a few years, and see just how God was working. ❤ ❤


Thanks for reading!! *hugs* Have you ever had a job interview go bad? Or how did your first interview go? 🙂signoff






Happy first day of Fall, too! 🍁🍂🍁🍂


Labor Day { Baseball } and {History}

Labor Day { Baseball } and {History}

Heyy! On Labor Day, my dad didn’t have to go to work, and we didn’t have school. So we spent the day as a family. We went to Rock Ledge Ranch, to see an old fashion baseball game, and see the historic site!


It was neat. You just brought folding chairs and could sit right on the field. The players wore old uniforms and didn’t use gloves.


Yes, we basically went back to the 1800s!


Hay bales as the back “net” thingy.



Ruby, Mom, and I. ❤


Some yummy popcorn we got from some cute little boys selling it.

Abe Lincon is up to bat! 

One of the players, who is also a local weatherman. 😀


Abe and Teddy. 


The chicken thief came over and talked to us. He was funny. He called us “the family with one boy (Silas) and two girls (Ruby and I) 😛


A woman protest happened during the game. 😛


Well, the game is over now. I forgot who won, but it was very fun! 😀


It was just so green and pretty there! ❤


One of the old homestead houses, I will show you some pics of the inside later.


W a s h  –  d a y 

DSCN8296-stampedAhh. I love it there. It is so peaceful. ❤


See the old barn and the black horse?


Yep. Another Converse photo. 😀


The General Store…let’s go in 


Candy! Yum, yum.

Omgosh! These little puff ball sheep are so cute!! My mom bought one! ❤


Kids doing stilts outside of the Stonehouse.

Neat old wood floors.


A sheep 😛 Named…aw man, I forgot…oh yea! I think it was Charlotte! 


A door on the old barn.


Now we are back to that bigger white house I showed you earlier.


I loved this little kitchen! It was so cute I want my kitchen to look like this.<3


Some of the volunteers love their costumes.


The super pretty copper sink!! 🙂


It was a fun day with the family. It was a fun baseball game, history, and photo taking opportunities, so that made me happy. 😀



Ever been to an old fashion baseball game?

Do you like baseball?

Do you enjoy historic sites?

What did you do on Labor Day?

– h o t – a i r – b a l l o o n s –

- h o t - a i r - b a l l o o n s -

Hey Y’all! Two weeks ago I went on a fun little “adventure” with one of my bffs and her parents…so here we go!!



I had to get up at 4am…yes AM! It did not feel right to wake up and leave the house when it was still dark. But it was what I needed to do. 😛 My friend and her parents picked me up at 5am, and we got to the park around 6-6:30.


Pikes Peak and a blue school bus.


My friend’s dad bought us donuts…yummy 😀


My friend and I walked around the park to take pics. Here was one of the hot air balloon baskets!


Oh yeah, I don’t think I have told you all what we are doing, oops. We went to a park that does a hot air balloon event each Labor Day weekend. We went the sunrise one, there is also a night one, where they light up the balloons, it is pretty neat. This was my first year going to the sunrise one. 🙂


Usually, they blow up all the balloons, and fly them around and across the lake at the park. But this year it was too windy, so they just kept them on the ground. 😦 But, we still got to see some of them up close, so that was neat. 😀


Pikes Peak, the crowd, and a neat tree.


Up close of a pretty balloon. 


We were right up close to this one, it was super neat!!

It takes a lot of work, and the wind was making it kinda dangerous.


Yay! They got it up for a little bit!


My friend and I. ❤


My friend and I kinda walked under the balloon as it was up, then it started to deflate, so we had to quickly move so it wouldn’t smash us…that was fun. 😀


A few of move balloons up.


A little while later we ran into some of my friend’s friends/family, so that was neat. There was a donut eating contest, and here they are talking about it they should do it or not, haha!


They decided to do it! But I am not…I will just take pictures.


Signing the paper, this is legit Y’all.


The kids part was cute…though some kids did cry. But it was still entertaining.


The girls coming up with a plan before they are up. 


Let’s go, you guys can do it! 😀 The guy on the left was so scared, his friends (right) made him do it, haha!


It was pretty intense to watch, some people ate so many donuts!! 


Let’s go girls! They are already starting to regret it.


Yep, it was harder than they thought, their moms were right (of course). 


Yes, that is Pikes Peak, again. 😀


After they all did the donut eating contest, there was a skydiving show!!


Introducing the United States Air Force Academy!! 


There they are, they were soo tiny up there. Thanks to my great camera zoom, I could see them better! 😀 



The first one landed, yay! 



Flying by the sun. This guy had a flag, I don’t remember what it was though.


This guy was pretty talented, not only did he not crash, but he also had a huge US flag he had to control too! It was so neat.


All the guys landed and did a great job! 🙂 

 After that we had to rush to get me to church, I was only about 15 minutes late, and then they had to get to their church too! It was a super fun morning, very long…but fun! By the time I got to church at 10:30, it felt like it should have been at least 1pm, but oh well. 😛

After church I did something else…so stay tuned for that post!



Have you ever seen a hot air balloon up close? 

Do you like early mornings? 

Could you eat a dozen donuts in 2 mins? 

What did you do Labor day weekend? 

Road Trip to…Kansas! {Pt. 2}

Road Trip to...Kansas!2


Welcome to part two of our family trip to Kansas! Sorry, that I’ve been pretty quiet on WordPress I was helping with a camp at my church this past week, and I’ve been staying with some friends, so I haven’t had much time, or Wi-Fi to blog 😦 And tomorrow we are going on another trip, so I will probably be pretty quiet till next weekend, sorry! ❤

Anyways…back to Kansas!!


On Saturday night a bunch of our family got together to hang out, eat dinner, watch old family videos, eat pie and ice cream, and have fun!


Dinner time!!


The boys were playing a card game that my dad got them hooked on!


My adorable second cousin, playing 🙂


New baby Richard, he’s my second cousin, Emmaline’s son ❤


That night was a lot of fun, but sad to say bye to the family that night. Then on Sunday morning, we left to go back home! On our way, we stopped at ⇓⇓ with my mom’s parents!!



A pretty old church across the street from the museum!


It looks neat!!



The current museum building is being updated, so they have a mini one in the presidential library, and they are allowing us a free pass till 2020, to see the new one once it’s open!


Let’s go, Silas!


Walking to the boyhood home/museum!



I loved these old bricks!! They had unique designs 🙂


I love how this picture turned out!!


Look at those fun patterns! 


The Eisenhower family Bible.


One of their bedrooms.


The kitchen/dining room.



Eisenhower family photos!

DSCN6590-stamped The Presidential library/temporary museum!


What the new museum will look like!!


A beautiful big chandelier!


A big old tree that was on a golf course Ike golfed at. 


Nana and Big Pop with Ike and his wife.


The beautiful stairs and walls that lead to the museum upstairs!


But first, before the museum let’s watch some stuff!


The museum!


Very bad photo, but those are his campaign buttons. 

His campaign song! 😀


My “I Like Ike” sticker.


His statue!


A big US seal on the ground! 



This is where Ike, his wife, and son are buried. 


Some pretty stained glass! 


His boyhood home, I did not get a picture of it earlier, so I did it on the way back. 🙂


Wind turbines only means one thing, we are back on the road again! 


I was kinda bored, so I wrote down all the song titles I had listened to. 😛


There was a really pretty sunset on the way home, I love this photo! 


Yay! Back to the Colorado mountains, sky, and sunsets! 


Well, almost home now… I think the house on the left might be ours, actually. 😀


Well, this trip and the post is over with, now I have gotta go unpack stuff from camp, and repack for our family vacation…I will be blogging about them both! 🙂