An Interview with Willow City!!!

Hey everyone!! I have a very exciting post for Y’all today!! 😀

Recently Gaby and I had the amazing privilege to interview one of our favorite bands via email!!!

The amazing…Willow City. YES! 🎉🎉


If you don’t know who they are, you are missing out! They are an amazing band, and they are siblings!!


Check out their Instagram here.

Here is part of their About page:

We grew up strumming guitars and banging on pianos. At six, each of us began classical training in piano and joined a local children’s choir. Fast forward a decade or so, and Beecher and Ezra were jamming to Celtic tunes with a couple buddies. It was a fun hobby, plain and simple. And then the phone rang.

After being asked to perform at a Relay For Life fundraiser, the guys asked Liza and Asa to perform with them (they sang harmony and played the spoons, respectively). That started the ball rolling, and the phone kept ringing.

After touring around Texas and the United States performing bluegrass and folk music, we knew exactly what we wanted our debut album as Willow City to sound like: an infusion of roots music with pop-driven beats, combined with lyrics that were meaningful and fun at the same time. 

We’ve now had the opportunity to perform with artists such as Asleep At The Wheel, The Casey Donahew Band, Ellie Holcomb, Hollyn, and Josh Wilson. 


Gaby and I each asked them a few questions, then we asked each other a few music-related questions as well! To see what Gaby asked Willow City, and what questions she asked me, check out her blog after you read this! 


  • Beecher, Are yall planning on having any concerts in Colorado any time soon? 🙂
  • “Nothing is planned at the moment, but we’re always up for a quick tour up to CO! We love it there.” -Beecher 
  • Liza, What is your favorite thing to paint?
  • “Floral designs are my go to when I sit down to paint. There are so many different styles that can be created, so it’s fun to experiment with different designs!” -Liza
  • Ezra, What is your favorite instrument to play?
  • “Guitar is by far my favorite!  No matter what kind of music you’re playing, a guitar can always do the trick!” -Ezra
  • Asa, Besides fishing and music, what do you like to do in your free time?
  • “I’m a fan of reading, wood-working, and being outdoors!” -Asa
  • For you all, are you planning to do a Christmas album anytime? And any big tours coming up in 2019?
  • “We would love to do a Christmas album at some point, but we don’t have a set plan for when!  We’ll mostly be sticking around Texas for 2019 and we have some really exciting and fun things coming this year!!”  -Willow City

One of their songs

The questions I asked Gaby:

  1. Besides Willow City, what is one of your other favorite bands? I really like Ben Rector, Anna Clendening, NEEDTOBREATHE, and PRETTYMUCH right now. 
  2. What is your favorite genre of music? I can’t pick one. I really enjoy Christian contemporary, pop, and film scores.
  3. How did you come across Willow City? I discovered Willow City from your Song of the Week post a few months back. After listening to Faces, I was hooked 😉
  4. How much music do you listen to daily? A lot, I usually have music on except when I’m in class or talking to someone. I listen when I’m studying as well as when I just chill. 
  5. What is your favorite song from your childhood?  I can’t remember a specific song but I really enjoyed listening when my parents put Blossom Dearie or Michael McDonald on. 
  6. What is your favorite song by Willow City? I really like Hometown Sign and their cover of Ben Rector’s Brand New. 

I want to give a HUGE thanks to Beecher, Liza, Ezra, and Asa for allowing Gaby and I to interview them!!! It was soo awesome and still unreal! 🙂 
 Now that you have finished reading this post, make sure to head over to Gaby’s blog to see her part of this awesome collab!! Also, don’t forget to check out Willow City’s YouTube.





P.S. Just last week they posted some super duper exciting news!! Check it out:


Fall Photography Collab With Ariana 🍁📷

Fall Photography Collab With Ariana


Happy Thursday, Y’all! Today I am collabing with Ariana from Ariana’s Flying Life!

Today Ariana and I are doing a fall photography collab.


Let’s start with Ariana’s!





Now onto mine…








Thanks again, Ariana for this fun idea!! Also, don’t forget to check out her great blog!





By the way, if any of you follow Bekah’s blog (Questionable Tortoise Couture) she is taking a hiatus until the 27th of this month. 🙂 ❤ 

Collab with Christina @Christina and Camera


Hey! Today I am doing a collab with Christina from Christina and Camera.

I guess you could call it a photo collab! 😀


Something pretty- White, pretty, little flowers. ❤


Random thing- This is a neat structure made out of sticks from some sort of tree, it is a pretty incredible man-made thing! ❤


Your favorite pair of shoes- I love my marron Converse, they are so neat looking! ❤


A piece of art you love- This is not real art, but I feel like photos and food can be art, so I chose this photo. These are some fancy chocolates! ❤



Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to check out Christina’s post! 😀


|A Blog YOU Should Follow|

Hi there! I am sure some of you have been wondering where the A Blog YOU Should Follow posts have been, and some may not know what I am talking about, since I have not done one since May, oops! I am sorry for never officially ending those post, and I won’t…they just won’t be twice a month anymore. 😉 ABlogYOUShouldFollow

I will still try to do an ABYSF post at least once a month, but no promises. 😛 So, let’s get on to the main purpose of this post!




Today I am sharing a blog that I am a part of, and we would love to have other bloggers join us and help us spread sunshine! 😀 Introducing…

The Sunshine Stop

Since it is a protected blog, I will have a sign up on here, and your info will go to Mary, the owner of The Sunshine Stop. 🙂 



Well, I hope to see you on The Sunshine Stop! 😀




Hey!! So…I kinda completely forgot I was doing this collab, I had been emailing Sophie and Abbie about it…but then I saw their post and I had not even made a draft yet so…here I am! I am so sorry!! ❤ 

 So yes, I did a collab with Abbie from Coastal Twins, thank you so much for doing this with me, even though I am late!! *hugs* She shared some of her favorite smoothies, and I am going to share some of mine!

I don’t really make smoothies, I used to, but my mom mostly does now. 😀 I was gonna experiment with some recipes before this collab…but that did not happen, haha! So I am just gonna share some that I wanna try this summer! 🙂 



Banna, Pinnapple, Blueberry, Raspberry and Spinach Smoothie



  • 2 cups spinach, fresh
  • 3⁄4 cup water
  • 3⁄4 cup orange juice
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 2 bananas

Blend 30-45 seconds and service. Suggested to use a Professional Grade Blender.



Avocado and Spinach Smoothie

This smoothie is perfect if you are looking for a healthy replacement for your regular meals. Avocados are well known for being very filling and adding just half to a single serving should be enough to see you satisfied for a few hours. You will need:
1 avocado, 1 cup of spinach (fresh), 1 banana, 1 cup of milk and some ice cubes.



Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie is the perfect creamy smoothie for a sweet breakfast or lighter dessert!



  • 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 2 bananas (frozen is best if you have it)
  • 1/2 cup milk (add another 1/4 cup if you have a lower powered blender)
  • 1/2 cup low fat vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 2 TBS cocoa powder
  • 3/4 cup ice


  1. Throw all your ingredients together into the blender.
  2. Blend on high until smooth.
  3. Pour into glasses and serve.



Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Tropical Fruit Smoothie - easy and deliciously refreshing treat



  • 1 cup of fresh or frozen pineapple chunks
  • 1 cup strawberries cut in half
  • 1/2 cup of raspberries
  • 1/2 cup water or freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Honey optional, if you find that your strawberries are not quite sweet enough


  1. Blend all ingredients until smooth!
  2. Enjoy!



Those are the smoothies I am wanting to try this summer! 🙂  Don’t forget to check out Abbie’s post!




Do you like smoothies?

What smoothies sounds the best?

What is your favorite summer drink?




Q&A with Brad

Q&A With Brad

Hi! Today I am doing a collab with, Brad!! Please check out his blog, it is awesome!!

I’ll be asking him some questions on my blog and then he will ask me some on his! Let’s do dis!! *dances*


Message from Brad:

Hey there! My name is Brad, and I live in Southwestern Ontario! I am a homeschooled teenager going through high school! I live in the country and love outdoor activities including hockey, volleyball, swimming, biking, and trampoline! Some of my favourite hobbies include listening to Adventures in Odyssey, Blogging, Online Shopping, and exploring the world of Real Estate! My plan is to be a Real Estate Agent when I am older in Northern Ontario! I hope to one day build my dream log home on the lake! (With an indoor pool, of course 😉 ) I have my own blog, ‘Total Bradness,’ and really enjoy blogging! I hope you enjoy the Q&A Collab I do with Gracie!


Bold= Me

Normal= Brad


Gracie: What is your favorite thing to blog about?

Brad: Things that I find Fascinating! #FascinatingFriday!

 Haha, very nice! I like those too!


Gracie: What do you like most about living in Canada?

Brad: I love Tim Hortons! I also enjoy the scenery in Northern Ontario, with large trees, rocks, lakes, and gorgeous fall colours!

Sounds very pretty!!


Gracie: Do you like being homeschooled?

Brad: Yes, it is awesome! I wouldn’t change it for the world!



Gracie: Besides blogging what do you like to do in your free time?

Brad: Listen to Adventures in Odyssey, Explore the world of Real Estate, shop online, rollerblade, bike, play hockey, listen to music, plan family vacations and getaways, and prepare for my future!

Very fun!


Gracie: What is your dream job?

Brad: Real Estate ALL THE WAY!!

Haha, I should have guessed! 


Gracie: What is your favorite thing about Real Estate?

Brad: Interacting with, helping, and getting to know the people I work with!



Gracie: How many US states have you been to?

Brad: I am only going to count ones that I have stayed in, not traveled through. Florida, Vermont, Michigan, South Carolina, and Indiana. (I’m sure I’ve stayed in hotels in other states for a night while traveling, but the main ones I have visited are above.)

Awesome! I have not been to any of those, but I want to!!


Gracie: Do you like to read?

Brad: Not really. I enjoy reading if the subject is about something that I am interested in or can relate to. So, I like AIO books and Real Estate books. Generally, I prefer listening to audio.

Gotcha. 😉


Gracie: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Brad: Flying to Florida to visit my cousins!!

That sounds soo fun!! 


Gracie: What is your favorite Bible verse?

Brad: I’m not sure which is my favourite, but I really like:

 Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

That is a great one! 


Gracie: When do you listen to music?

Brad: Ooh, thanks for asking!! I listen while I work on schoolwork, while I bike or rollerblade, and on car rides.

Awesome, I listen to music a lot!


Gracie: What is your least favorite subject in school?

Brad: Not sure… English and Logic are pretty difficult right now.



Gracie: What is your favorite chore?

Brad: Probably cleaning my room, because although it isn’t always that fun, it is SO rewarding when I am done!

Haha, very true. I love having a clean bedroom! 🙂 


Gracie: What are you most hoping will happen within the next year?

Brad: I hope to get my driver’s license!

Very exciting!! You will have to blog about it!


Gracie: Who is your favorite AIO character?

Brad: Ahh!! Help, this is WAY too hard! I really like both Jason and Connie. Episodes with Jason are so exciting, especially when he is working on a case. And Connie is an incredible actor! AIO would not be the same without her, she adds so much fun to the show! (But, there are many other characters that I enjoy as well )

Haha, gotcha! 🙂 


Gracie: What writing tool do you like to use the most?

Brad: I highly recommend Grammarly! It is a free writing program that is FAR superior to Microsoft Word. You can download it onto any device or write things online in their app. They also have a free extension for your browser that catches writing and grammar issues on whatever you do online! Whether writing a blog post, messaging a friend, or sending an email, Grammarly will save you from many embarrassing mistakes that you wouldn’t have realized until you hit send.

Agreed, Grammarly is awesome! It has helped me SO much!!


Gracie: What were you doing 12 minutes ago?

Brad: Answering other questions

Oh…I should have thought of that. 😛 


Gracie: What is something you want to get better at?

Brad: I want to get better at blogging! 🙂

Nice! You are, and will continue to! 


Gracie: Do you plan before writing a blog post?

Brad: It depends. Certain ones require a fair bit of preparation like if I were to do a photography post, I would have to go out beforehand and snap some photos. Other posts I can write without a lot of preparation.



Gracie: What is your favorite word?


J – Jesus First

O – Others Next

Y – Yourself Last

I find this word a great reminder of what brings true joy.

Awesome, I love that!!!



That was so fun! Thank you so much for doing this with me, Brad!! It was fun to get to know you better!

Don’t forget to check out Brad’s blog to see my part of the Q&A! 🙂





American Girl Doll photo shoot and Q&A with Kaylyn and Gracie!

Today I have joined with Kaylyn from Being Who I’m Meant To Be. *dances* And we are going to share some photos of our American Girl (AG) doll(s) and do an AG Q&A!! I have never done a post about AG, but I am…well, more like was really into American Girl! This should be fun!! *dances with Kaylyn*

American Girl Doll photo shoot and Q&A with Kaylyn and Gracie!


Since Easter is right around the corner, this will kinda be an Easter photo shoot!! I have never taken photos of my doll so this will be fun!! :), LET’S DO THIS!!


Kaylyn’s photos:

Collab 8


Collab 6


Collab 3


Collab 1


Collab 2


Collab 4


Collab 7


Collab 5


My photos:















Kaylyn’s questions for me:

 When did you get your AG doll?
-I got her about 2-3 years ago, I think. 🙂
 What do you like about them?
– I like that some are about history, I love history, and I think they are a well-made doll for girls to play with.
 Which AG doll do you have?
– I have Felicity!!
 Do or did you get the AG catalogs?
– Yes, I do. Though I usually do not look at them, haha.
 Do you think that AG is overpriced?
-Yes. Not on everything, but on a good amount of it. Their stuff is good quality, but still. haha. 
 Have you gone to an AG store?
-Yes. I have. We used to go every summer for a few years. But I have not gone lately. 
 When was the last time you played with your AG doll?
– haha, it has been a while! She is mostly decoration. She probably needs to be dusted. 😛 
 Do you have more than one AG doll?
-Nope. Just Felicity. 🙂 
 Do you style your doll’s hair?
-Yes!! That is just about the only thing I do with her! 🙂
 Do you still play with your AG doll?
– Like I said, not too often. I am not really into playing with dolls. I am more into playing with real babies. 😀 

My questions for Kaylyn: 

How many AG dolls do you have?
-I have 2.
What are their names?
-Their names are Gracelyn and Izzy.
How long have you liked AG?
-Ever since the Girl Of The Year McKenna (2012) came out.
What do you mostly do with your dolls?
-I mostly take pictures of them, do their hair, and dress them.
Have you gotten your doll’s ears pierced?
-Yes, I have! I got Izzy’s ears pierced at the AG store in Columbus, Ohio.
Do you get AG magazines?
-I get the catalogs and magazines. I think that they are very inspiring and neat.
Where do you keep your dolls?
-I keep them in a little corner of my room that I call the “Dollhouse”.
Do you buy stuff for your dolls?
-I buy WAY too much stuff for my dolls! XD
What is your favorite thing about AG?
-I really like that they are trying to inspire girls and make dolls that are fun to play with. 


That was a lot of fun!! Thank you for the fun idea, Kaylyn!! Make sure to check out her blog!!

Have a wonderful Good Friday and Easter! 



What photo(s) did you like the best?

Do you like American Girl?

Should I do more doll photo shoots?

What are you doing for Easter?

| Exciting news!!|


I have some very exciting news that I have been waiting to share with you all for a while!!


I am starting another blog!!!!

It is going to be a collab blog with Hope from AG Doll Dreams! We are gonna blog about AIO (Adventure’s in Odyssey) We will fangirl about AIO,  and post news about it- AIO EVERYWHERE!! *dances* 

A blog called OdysseyNerds was mine as well as Hope’s favorite AIO resource blog!! But just last month they had to stop blogging 😦 It is still up, but there will not be any more new posts 😦

When OdysseyNerds stopped, Hope and I started to brainstorm and thought *why not start our own AIO blog?!* SO…here we are!! 😀 I am so excited!! Hope and I will both post, and I am hoping to have some guest posts from other AIO fans!! So if you are an AIO fan feel free to contact Hope and I…and definitely check out our new blog…

WAIT!!! I haven’t even told you the name!! *grins*

…wanna hear it?!! You do? YAYY!!


Well, guys….it is…..








What do you think?!?! 😀


Don’t forget to follow, if you’re an AIO fan, or just want to learn more about it! And share it with your fellow AIO fan friends!! 😀 

Here is the link!!!



Thanks for reading!! ❤ ❤ ❤ 



Valentine’s Day DIYs! <3



Happy Valentine’s Day!! 

I have collaborated with Jenna from The Blog Dolly!! And today we are each showing you a Valentine’s Day craft/DIY!! ❤ 

Jenna is going to show us how she makes these super fun Valentine’s Day bath bombs!! 


Go for it!! 😀 

Hello everyone today Gracie and I are doing a collab! I am super excited for you to read this post! Gracie and I have some very fun and Valentines themed DIYs planned for you! So let’s get started!

First, add 1/2 cup of baking soda to a bowl.


Second, add 1/8 tbs. Of cream of tartar to the baking soda.


Then, add 5 drops of essential oils.


Next, add 1/2 tbsp. of olive oil.


Then, add 1 tbs. Of water and mix ingredients together!

Next, put your mixture into your molds. Let it sit overnight then take them out in 24 hours.

Then, voila! You are finished! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!



Awesome!! Thank you so much, Jenna!! I will have to try those sometime!! 😀 

Now I am gonna show Y’all some Valentine’s day pun doodles I did! 🙂


I just love puns!! They are so amazing!! What is your favorite pun? 😀 

I didn’t do any tutorials, like Jenna. But if you want me to, tell me in the comments and it might just be a post! 😀 



Sorry, this post was supposed to be on Monday, but we weren’t quite ready 😛 *oops* 

I hope you still enjoyed it!! 😀 ❤ ❤ Also be on the lookout for hopefully another post, today! 😀 


Writing Contest hosted by Gracie and Gracie! :D

Hi! I am very excited to be collaborating with Gracie from, A Light In The Darkness, we are hosting our very own writing contest!!!  I am very excited! I have never done any type of a contest before, so, please bear with me 🙂 But, this should be super duper fun!!

If you are a writer, and like contests…please keep reading for more info…

Continue reading “Writing Contest hosted by Gracie and Gracie! :D”

Let’s Talk about Modesty| A guest post with Rebekah Leigh! |

Hello ladies! I am collaborating with Rebekah from, Grace Abounds, and today we are going to give our opinions on modesty. It is a very common topic with us Christian girls so we would love to give you some advice and our thoughts about it! ❤


First, I will say my thoughts, then Rebekah will say her’s 🙂 ❤ 


Modesty, it is a difficult topic to discuss, with some people. A lot of people think that in order to be modest you have to cover yourself completely and have to dress “old fashion”, plain, or not fashionable. But NO! You can dress super cute and still be modest! And pleasing to the Lord. Let me show you!!

Here are some links about modesty from Girl Defined:

I have found all those super helpful!! They have lots of amazing hacks on how to dress modestly, but still trendy and cute! *dances*

One of the sisters, of the two sisters that run that blog, has a blog called Hello Modesty

She also has a Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! 

I highly recommend checking out both Hello Modesty and Girl Defined!! They have a lot of amazing blog posts and YouTube videos for Christian girls!! I love them~~ ❤


Here are some quotes on modesty that I found on Pinterest! 

BeFunky Collage-modesty


Now I am gonna show you some lovely girls some modest dressing ideas*

*All images off of Pinterest

Merrick's Art // Style + Sewing for the Everyday Girl :  A Spring Layering Essential

I like this one, it is classy and modest. A longer sweater is a good choice, with the lacy-slightly shorter- shirt. 

This dress might be a bit too tight, but it is very modest otherwise, and with the tights and tall boots, I really like it. 🙂 

{Fashion Friday} 3 Ways To Wear Overalls. @ohhappyheights

This is a cute way to dress up overalls! 

Now…this dress (?) is too short for my liking, but since she is wearing tights, it is a bit better. 😉 

Hello Modesty - rebekah baird

Cute, simple, and classy 😀


Those are just some modest dressing ideas, check out Girl Defined, they have a lot of modesty hacks! I have found it very helpful! ❤

–Wanna do the “Modesty test”? You just stand in front of the mirror, bend down and see if you can see your down your shirt. Lift your hands up, does your belly or back show? Check what you look like from behind. Are your pants or skirts showing too much?… If you say “yes” to any of those questions, then that clothing isn’t super modest.–

A lot of people think that dressing modestly is too much of a hassle, old school, or something like that, but I actually prefer dressing more modestly. It helps you not worry so much about what other people think about you on the outside, but helps them stay more focused on your heart. ❤ And that is what it is all about.

Now Rebekah’s thoughts: 

Modesty in this day can be a trippy subject. Modesty has the stigma that it is oppressive, it’s only for girls, and that we need to cover up to keep everybody from sinning because we’re female.

The world has it a bit wrong.

So here are the reasons why as a Christian, I dress modestly. 🙂

  • Because I believe God wants me to dress in a way that is pleasing to him and shows others that I follow Jesus

    • When I gave my life to Christ I didn’t just give one sin. I gave him everything. My life, my dreams, the way I treat others and that includes the way I dress.
    • Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:1-2
  • I dress modestly so that when people look at me, their attention isn’t to my body but to my kindness and characters qualities, to Jesus inside of me

    • What I mean by this isn’t that I don’t want to look beautiful, I don’t want that to be the focus. I want people to see Jesus when they see me.
    • Your beauty should not come from outward adornments, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. 1 Peter 3:3-4
  • But most important modesty isn’t about the clothes I wear, it’s about where my heart is.

    • Modesty isn’t about clothes. The definition of modest is ‘unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one’s abilities or achievements.’. We want all the glory to go to Jesus, not to us. It’s all about him, not me.
    •  Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20


But what is dressing modestly look like?

The thing with the Bible is that we don’t have a verse that says ‘Thou shalt only wear shorts that are this long.’ Or ‘Thou shalt not wear bikinis.’

What I think this means is that this is something between you and God. There is no set rule on modesty. It’s about where your heart is.

So some people might wear only skirts, while others wear tee-shirts and shorts, but as long as your heart is in the right place, I think both can be modest. I’m not saying that you can go around almost naked because ‘freedom in Christ’, but that this is something that you and God work out. And don’t be afraid to ask your mom or a role model in your life on their thoughts on what’s modest! We all need some help with this. 🙂

But don’t get too caught up on making sure that your skirt is ‘this long’ and that your neckline isn’t too big.

Remember it’s about your heart. ❤


I completely agree with everything that Rebekah said!! I love that she supported her thoughts with Bible verses! I hope you gals enjoyed this post and learned some hacks about modesty! ❤ 

Thanks for joining me, Rebekah! And don’t forget to check out her awesome blog!!


|| Gracie and Bekah…Chat about Makeup, Math and more Randomness! ||

Hello awesome people!

A few weeks ago Bekah from Questionable Tortoise Couture chatted and made it into a fun post!! It is kinda a Q&A, kinda just her and I chatting! *dances*











Me= Bold

Bekah= Italics 


Hi Bekah!! I am excited about this collab, it should be lots of fun!! First off I am gonna ask you some questions!! 
So… what are your thoughts on makeup? I know you do not wear much…is there a reason? 
Hi Gracie! Me too! I am so excited to be doing this collab with you. 😀 
Hmm… I like the idea of makeup, I just think that too many people “abuse” it. Meaning, people try to fully change their appearance instead of highlighting their nicest features.
Yeah, I actually don’t wear any on a regular basis. I only wear makeup about four days a year, and it’s only for ballet recitals. 🙂 
Yes. I agree. That is fun! When you do wear makeup do you like it? 
I guess. I’m not sure. 😀 
Haha. That is okay. Do you have any questions for me? 🙂 
XD Sure!
It’s a very important question…
Gracie… do… you… like… koalas?
 Yay. HAHA…koalas?? ummm…I guess so 😛 Never thought about it. Do you? 
 Yay! Koalas are the BOMB! I love them. I still have a koala Webkinz. Remember those? XD XD
 Haha. Are they your favorite animal? aw! That is fun!! 😀 YES!! I still go on Webkinz sometimes!! haha. 
 Ha! Actually, my favorite animal is a swan! XD It used to be horses, but I’ve officially decided on swans. Lol! Webkinz are awesome! 
Any other questions you’d like to ask me? 
 Ooh!! Pretty!! haha. Yes, Webkinz are fun! 😀 
Well..what is your least favorite subject? (I already know, but our readers may not) 😛 

Thanks!! My least favorite subject is DEFINITELY math. Ugh. I HATE IT!

What about you?
SAME!! It is not fun at all!! I wish I enjoyed it!! What is your favorite type of math?

Ha. So glad to know I’m not the only one. 😀 My favorite type of math is division. What about you? 


haha, yeah 😛 Very nice! umm… probably addition or division. It depends on what and the day, haha.


Nice! Oh yeah. I forgot about addition.:D any other questions?


haha! Well…how snazzy are you? 


How snazzy am I? On a scale of 1-10, I think I’m 7,000,000,000. You? 😀


Oh yeah!! *joins the snazzy club* I am probably  6,999,999,99. *cool*


No, no, no. You’ve got it all wrong…

I’ve seen your snazzy club stats. You’re clearly 9,000,000,000,000,000 


Nope. I think YOU do! HEY!! That’s an idea! We should start a snazzy club!


Haha! Yes! We totally should! XD 


Yeah 😛 *starts thinking* Well, I guess we have to end this lovely chat…what do you think?


Oh well. I guess you’re right. “All good things must come to an end” right? This was SO fun! I hope we can do it again sometime!


Okay. 😀 Yes, it was!! Stay snazzy and keep blogging and peace out! *grins* 


Alrighty! You too! You’re a truly wonderful blogger, person, and friend. ❤ 😀


Thanks! I love you!! ❤ 


No problem! Love you too. *kisses* 



Guest Posts and Collabs!!


I am wanting to do some guest posts and collaborate with some of you!! I am super excited to join with all my awesome blog friends! It will be so fun!! *dances*

If you would like to do either a guest post/and or collaborate with me fill out this form:


I have alrady had a couple people show interest!! So, that is exciting! I will contact you, after you fill out the form, and we can work out the detials about the post!! Looking forward to some guest posts and collabs over the next year!!

I have only done a few collab posts, and never done a guest post…so- if you have any post ideas, or tips, let me know in the comments!! ❤ Thanks!!


|Homeschool Q&A|With Lizzy!!|

Hello friends!!

Today I am doing a Q&A about being homeschooled, with the sweet Lizzy!! Definitely, check out her blog, it is amazing!! 

I am so excited for the post!! It should be great fun!! Both Lizzy and I have been homeschooled! Lizzy is all done, she is going to college in the fall of this year. And I am in 10th grade.

Lizzy is gonna ask me some questions first, then I will ask her some! 

Lizzy= Italic

Me= Bold 


What time do you start school on average?

It does depend, but we are usually done with breakfast and starting on stuff by 9:30am. 

Nice! We start around then too!


Have you ever played a sport or taken dance classes?

I have not. 

 Interesting! Did you ever want to? 

Not really. haha!


 Have you ever done a co-op? If so, for how many years?

Yes. That is a good question, haha. I think it will be our second year. 

Haha. Fun! I did my co-op for three years!😉 

Very nice!! 


 Did your mom create her own curriculum or did you follow a certain one?

Well, it seems like about every year we are doing something different. We use some curriculum, but also random books and programs. So, not one certain curriculum.

So, not one certain curriculum.  Wow! Super neat! We did a little of that, but we tried to follow a few curriculums over the years.


 Do you stay in your PJ’s until lunch? If not, do you dress up or go for casual?

Nope! Sadly. Some days I just wanna stay cozy. But some days I do go for leggings and cozy shirt, so it is basically PJs! 😀 It depends on the day. If we are going somewhere or not. But, usually pretty casual. 

Leggings, yes girl! I love mine that are soft and fuzzy inside!😃  Awe, sadness! 😞 I at least stayed in mine until Math was over(first subject) #least favorite subject. I couldn’t bear it otherwise. *laughs while remembering those days* 

Ohh!! Cozy!! Haha, that is great!! Yes, math is my least favorite subject too!! 


 How many hours do you do school for usually? 

Id would say about 4-6. It just depends on how much work we have, how fast we move, what we have going on and stuff like that. 😀 

Yeah, we are the same!😝 *high fives you*

*receives the high five*


How long is your lunch break?

As long as we make it, haha. Usually about 20-40 minutes. 

Haha! Ikr? We always tried to make lunch last!😂 * falls over laughing because other homeschoolers do the same thing*

Haha. That is great! 😀 


Do you have snow/bad weather days?

My Dad is a public school teacher ( I know, it is kinda weird) so if he takes off or gets off, then we usually do too. So that is nice!! *dances* 

 So that is nice!! *dances* Wow! That is SO funny! 😂 That is a super fantastic perk!  *dances with you* 😜 *high fives you again because that is really awesome*

Yes, it is!! Haha, thanks!! 😛 


 I had so much fun reading your answers, Gracie! Thanks for doing this with me! It was SOOO much fun!

Yay!! I had a ton of fun too!! Thanks for doing this with me!! *hugs* 

Now it is my turn! 

Me= Bold 

Lizzy= Italic


Were you a social homeschool kid?

Yes and no…when I was younger, I was less out there which is probably the case for everyone. I was always social, but I could be slightly shy with strangers. I also think I became more social as I took part in things like co-op and volleyball which makes sense.

Gotcha. Yes, that makes sense. 


Did you have to take tests?

Good question! Not until about 6th grade! 

Very nice! Since my Dad is a teacher, I’ve only had to take a few tiny tests, nothing big. I am super grateful for that!


Did you get to sleep in?

On average, not really, but a few times we definitely did! 

Very nice! 


Where you usually ahead of behind of your right grade?

I was right on target! In middle school and high school, I was probably ahead by how much I read though! My high school book list was close to 350 books!

That is great! WOW, that is a ton of books! That is awesome, girly! 


Did you go on field trips?

Really fantastic question! Yes!! Museums, aquariums, nature trips, and the zoo!

Thanks, haha. That is soo fun!!! I love all those places! 


Did you take classes at a co-op? If so, what classes?

Yes, I sure did! well, I was an assistant teacher of Kindergarten and 2nd grade. I took Art, Math, Economics, Debate, and Personal Finance!

A helper for Kindergarten and 2nd grade! That is so neat!! 


Did you have to do school even if you were sick?

Sometimes, but not is I had the flu or fever!

Understandable. 😉 


Did you ever get snow days?

Ah, yes, this is a homeschooler’s question! 

Haha. Yes, it really is. 😛 

Not really! My mom sometimes would use that as motivation! Like is we finish faster, we get to play faster! But, if it has snowed a ton like a foot or so, we did about a half day’s work! 

Haha. I love you Mom’s tactic! Very smart!! 


That was great fun!! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and maybe we gave you some good inside into what homeschool life can be like! 🙂




Are/were you homeschooled? 

Did you like this post? What more  Q&A posts?