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Miss Glam Gal Blog Button.jpg

45523476_1096459077198047_2430212209700241408_njbb button 1




















132 thoughts on “Blog Buttons

      1. Save the picture and then go to your button page and click on edit, and then you’ll see at the top there is a button that looks like a paper clip. Click on that, and in the first box that says URL right above it, insert the URL for the blog that has the sticker you’re putting up. In the box below it, you can write what you want the people on your blog to see when they go to the buttons page. Example: Instead of seeing ‘’ they would see ‘Craft Time’ if you type ‘Craft Time’ into the box. Once that is done, then click on ‘open link in new window/tab’ and click add link.


      2. Then you click on the ‘insert content’ button at the top left of the page and insert the button


  1. Want to swap Gracie? I went ahead and followed you back after you followed me. Thanks so much for the follow! You can find my button at I was looking at some of your buttons, and guess what? I know Starling too!

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  2. Hello, I saw you commented/liked on my post. So, I went to your site! You want to trade blog buttons??
    You obviously know where mine is…I am adding your right now!

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  3. I like your new button Gracie! (I don’t know if it’s extremely new, but it’s changed since the last time I saw it.:))


      1. Thanks:) I just put your up…I am working on making it a “page” not a post (the blog buttons) so they will stay available. ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Hi Gracie, want to swap buttons? By the way, if you want to just activate the buttons instead of having the links below them, just click on the image while editing and then click Link and enter the blog address ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. Hey Gracie! Clara+Co, Crafts of All Seasons, and my blog Chasing Fantasia don’t have their buttons activated. No rush, but sometime you could just activate them or add the links!

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  6. Hello, Gracie!
    I just started up my photography blog! Therefore, I was wondering if you’d like to swap blog buttons? The site is linked to my gravatar. ๐Ÿ™‚


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