Cacti, Cacti, Cacti, Cacti!!


Welp, this is the last post from our trip. It is all about cacti! On our way back to Albuquerque for the night, we stopped by the Saguaro National Park.

So be prepared to see lots of cacti photos! 📷🌵🙃 I am not actually going to comment on every photo…since they are all cacti, haha! So enjoy!




This cactus was very big!!

Purple cactus?!

There were so many cacti everywhere!! 😮

Loved this view! ❤



Native American drawings?

Okay, I guess these are not all of the cacti. 😀

What in the world is this?!? Cactus fruit?

Do you know what it is? 

More prickles!


Have you ever been to the Saguaro National Park? Do you like cactus? 🌵🌵



*all photos are mine and are not edited. Please do not use any without asking permission first.* 


Pool Side, Wells Fargo, and Raising Canes!

Pool Side, Wells Fargo, and Raising Canes!

We are now on day 4 of our trip…let’s see what we did!


The pool got really deep…and I am scared of water, so walking close to the edge was risky. 😛 

Pigeons!! I kept kind of chasing one around the pool… that was fun, haha! 

I love some La Croix! 

Doing some blogging and TV watching in the room. 

A few hours later we went to the Wells Fargo Museum

A neat old building on the same street. 🙂 

Ruby and I in a carriage.

Haha! Look at me! 😀 Should I become President?!

Ooh, yea!! Look at Silas and me! 😎

It was a super neat museum. It was free as well! I definitely recommend it if you are ever in the Phoenix area. 🙂

Look at this street lined with tall palm trees. 

For dinner, we went to Raising Cane’s.

Yummy, yum! My uncle loves this place and we have never been, so we thought we would try it out! 😋

Love the disco balls and the big “Eat” on the wall! 


All the tall buildings in the night. 🌃


Have you ever tried Raising Cane’s? 🍗



*all photos are mine and are not edited. Please do not use any without asking permission first.* 


Palm Trees, Rocks, Cacti, and Arizona!!

Palm Trees, Rocks, Cacti, and Arizona!!,


After a nice night of rest, cable TV, and some yummy breakfast. Silas and I went outside to explore the pool area and I took some photos of the palm trees!!


Palm trees at our hotel!

Ahh! Palm trees are so neat! 😀

Rosie in a part of Ruby’s swimsuit! 😛 

There was this neat fountain…waterfall thing at the pool was very pretty! 

I did not really want to get in the pool with it only being in the 50s…so I just rolled up my jeans and put my feet in. 🙂 

Silas and I were just chilling at the pool. 😎

There were some beautiful flower bushes by the pool! 

Details of the palm tree. ❤ 


More pretty flowers!


Oh yes! So after chilling around the pool for a little while, we took a walk to get Subway…on the walk there we saw so many neat plants and that we aren’t used to in Colorado! 

It was insane. There were orange bushes/trees!! They were huge oranges. 🍊

Also lemons!! We were all freaking out…I had never seen oranges or lemons that were not in a store, haha! 🍋

During the walk. 🙂

Ahhh! I love this picture!! ❤

Yum, yum. I love Subway! 

A few hours later we went to the Hole-In-The-Rock. 🙂 

Cactus and Palm Trees! 

Ooh! The view from the hole. 

The views were very pretty! ❤ 

See the skyline of Phoenix?

My dad, Ruby, and Rosie at the top of the hole. 🙂 


After enjoying our time at the Hole-In-The-Rock, we went to Red Robin. My mom and I split a yummy burger and a salad!! 😋


What was your favorite photo from this post?




*all photos are mine and are not edited. Please do not use any without asking permission first.* 

Now off to Arizona!

Now off to Arizona!


The next morning after breakfast and some chilling, then we hit the road to head to Arizona!



There were a lot of neat rock formations along the drive!!

Got some KFC for the road. 

Haha…well we are in AZ now, and there is snow. Yay! 🙄

Pretty. ❤

Yummy Starbucks!! Thanks, mom and dad! 😋

Wow. There has been a lot of snow in AZ so far, haha! 

This field was so green…compared to CO this time of year. 😛

We got to Phoenix and I freaked out when I saw cactus and palm trees for the first time on the drive into Phoenix!! Then we got to Chick-fil-A, and there was this epic car!! 

Yummm, gotta love some Chick! ❤ 

We got to our hotel pretty late. But it was super nice! This was the view off our back deck!


Have you seen a palm tree or cactus before? 🌴🌵




*all photos are mine and are not edited. Please do not use any without asking permission first.* 

-Driving to New Mexico-

-Driving to New Mexico-

Hola! Just got back from a little family vacation to AZ and NM! You will see a total of 5 posts about the trip. I had fun taking a lot of photos. 😀 Both on my phone and my camera!


We left the driveway at about 10:45am…only about 45 minutes behind. 😀 

Pikes Peak as we’re leaving town. ❤

Wind Turbines out the dirty back car window. 

Interesting “mountains” 😀

Yay! We got to our hotel!! 

After we got a little settled into our hotel we went to Whataburger. It was our first time. 🙂 Have you ever eaten at Whataburger?! 


See you tomorrow for part two!!




*all photos are mine and are not edited. Please do not use any without asking permission first.* 























An Interview with Willow City!!!

Hey everyone!! I have a very exciting post for Y’all today!! 😀

Recently Gaby and I had the amazing privilege to interview one of our favorite bands via email!!!

The amazing…Willow City. YES! 🎉🎉


If you don’t know who they are, you are missing out! They are an amazing band, and they are siblings!!


Check out their Instagram here.

Here is part of their About page:

We grew up strumming guitars and banging on pianos. At six, each of us began classical training in piano and joined a local children’s choir. Fast forward a decade or so, and Beecher and Ezra were jamming to Celtic tunes with a couple buddies. It was a fun hobby, plain and simple. And then the phone rang.

After being asked to perform at a Relay For Life fundraiser, the guys asked Liza and Asa to perform with them (they sang harmony and played the spoons, respectively). That started the ball rolling, and the phone kept ringing.

After touring around Texas and the United States performing bluegrass and folk music, we knew exactly what we wanted our debut album as Willow City to sound like: an infusion of roots music with pop-driven beats, combined with lyrics that were meaningful and fun at the same time. 

We’ve now had the opportunity to perform with artists such as Asleep At The Wheel, The Casey Donahew Band, Ellie Holcomb, Hollyn, and Josh Wilson. 


Gaby and I each asked them a few questions, then we asked each other a few music-related questions as well! To see what Gaby asked Willow City, and what questions she asked me, check out her blog after you read this! 


  • Beecher, Are yall planning on having any concerts in Colorado any time soon? 🙂
  • “Nothing is planned at the moment, but we’re always up for a quick tour up to CO! We love it there.” -Beecher 
  • Liza, What is your favorite thing to paint?
  • “Floral designs are my go to when I sit down to paint. There are so many different styles that can be created, so it’s fun to experiment with different designs!” -Liza
  • Ezra, What is your favorite instrument to play?
  • “Guitar is by far my favorite!  No matter what kind of music you’re playing, a guitar can always do the trick!” -Ezra
  • Asa, Besides fishing and music, what do you like to do in your free time?
  • “I’m a fan of reading, wood-working, and being outdoors!” -Asa
  • For you all, are you planning to do a Christmas album anytime? And any big tours coming up in 2019?
  • “We would love to do a Christmas album at some point, but we don’t have a set plan for when!  We’ll mostly be sticking around Texas for 2019 and we have some really exciting and fun things coming this year!!”  -Willow City

One of their songs

The questions I asked Gaby:

  1. Besides Willow City, what is one of your other favorite bands? I really like Ben Rector, Anna Clendening, NEEDTOBREATHE, and PRETTYMUCH right now. 
  2. What is your favorite genre of music? I can’t pick one. I really enjoy Christian contemporary, pop, and film scores.
  3. How did you come across Willow City? I discovered Willow City from your Song of the Week post a few months back. After listening to Faces, I was hooked 😉
  4. How much music do you listen to daily? A lot, I usually have music on except when I’m in class or talking to someone. I listen when I’m studying as well as when I just chill. 
  5. What is your favorite song from your childhood?  I can’t remember a specific song but I really enjoyed listening when my parents put Blossom Dearie or Michael McDonald on. 
  6. What is your favorite song by Willow City? I really like Hometown Sign and their cover of Ben Rector’s Brand New. 

I want to give a HUGE thanks to Beecher, Liza, Ezra, and Asa for allowing Gaby and I to interview them!!! It was soo awesome and still unreal! 🙂 
 Now that you have finished reading this post, make sure to head over to Gaby’s blog to see her part of this awesome collab!! Also, don’t forget to check out Willow City’s YouTube.





P.S. Just last week they posted some super duper exciting news!! Check it out:

All Above Me Concert!!

All Above Me Concert!!


Last Saturday I went to a concert!! It was so awesome!! Silas and I went early to help, and I got to take photos so that was a lot of fun!! 😀


Silas and I were in charge of greeting people and taking their admission money, that was fun.

They had some really neat merch. I forgot to bring any extra money so I wasn’t able to buy anything so that was a bit of a bummer.

First The Tether Project went. They are so talented and such a wonderful couple! ❤ It was great to hear them perform!

They had some epic lights and fog!!

Britt is the female vocalist. She is very talented and has a great voice!

Everyone was lovin’ their music.

During one of their songs, you could go up and take a selfie with them while they were singing. Everyone loved it! 😀

They had some balloons to bounce around. 😀

All the snazziness. 😀

The male vocalist, Guiller.

This is my rad peoples taking a selfie.

The drummer, Tim!

Silas (right) went up to take a selfie with the band, but I didn’t – I was taking pics of everyone taking selfies. 😛

The show was so awesome!! Even though it was a small turn out I think everyone who went had a great time!!

We got a selfie with the band, that was exciting!


Do you enjoy concerts? Ever heard of All Above Me?


Color Street Nails!

Color Street Nails!

Happy Saturday!

How was your Valentine’s Day? Mine was pretty chill. I spent the day doing school, working on this post, making homemade pizza, and hanging out with my family.

The day before Valentine’s Day I made my nails look fancy! Last month I went to a Color Street Nail Party!! 🙂 Color Street nails are like stick on nails. Super neat! I will be showing you how I did mine below.


This is how the packaging looks.

First, it is very important to clean your nails with an alcohol wipe to remove any oils from your nail so the stickers will stick.

There are a few steps in between this…but once you find the right size and do the steps it tells you, it will look something like this. 😀 

Since my nails are smaller I can use one sticker for two nails!

After sticking them on all your nails…

You will trim the stickers either with your fingernails on your other hand, or with a cuticle thingy, and/or fingernail trimmer.

I added a top coat…not sure if that is good or not, but it seems to work well for me. 🙂

All done!! They are super easy, so much healthier for your nails! Plus…the first time I did these (this is only my second time)  they stayed on for two weeks!!


Have you ever tried nails like this? What did you do for Valentine’s Day? ❤


Nancy Drew Blog Tour Post

nancy drew blog tour post

I am doing my first…wait no it isn’t. So anyway, I am doing a blog tour for the awesome  Rachel @Nancy Drew. Yay!! Please check out her blog! 😀 She is just getting back into blogging, and will be making some changes to her blog, so please check it out to see what is going on.
Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I will be doing a Valentines Day type post. ❤ I will be talking a bit about the 5 Love Languages…but before we get on to that, make sure to check out Mukta and Ara’s blogs the next two days for more of the blog tour!
Feb 15-Gracie Marchiani @Through the Eyes of Gracie
Feb 16- Mukta A @Born Free
Feb 17- Ara @Sparks of Ara

I took a test to find out what my Love Language(s) are, these are my results:
Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, and Words of Affirmation tied. I think that is very true. All those things are very important to me. Physical Touch is also something I like – but not as much.



Are you interested in knowing what your Love Language is? 

Check out this link below: 


Please take the test then let me know what your love language is! I also recommend having your friends take it. 🙂 Knowing what your friend’s and family’s love language is can be super helpful in showing them, love. 💕💞



My New Glasses!


Howdy Ho Hey!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤  I got new glasses a few weeks ago!! 😀 



Before I got my new glasses- the last photo with my old glasses. 🙂

Okay yes, my new glasses don’t have anti-glare…getting new lens with anti-glare this week!! But besides the bad glare, I love my new glasses!! 

Ruby and I with our new glasses! 😎


What do you think of my new glasses? Do you have glasses?


Music Listening!





V1: Sometimes it’s hard to breathe All these thoughts that shout at me Try to bring me to my knees And it’s overwhelming Darkness echoes all around Feels like everything is crashing down Still I know where my hope is found And it’s only You

Pre: Oooooooh You say You’re working Everything for my good, and Oooooooh I believe every word Ch ‘Cause even in the madness There is peace Drowning out the voices all around me Through all of this chaos You are writing a symphony A symphony And even in the madness There is peace Drowning out the voices all around me Through all of this chaos You are writing a symphony A symphony

V2: Tune my heart to your beat Let me be your melody Even when I cannot see What you’re orchestrating Even when the dark surrounds You’ll never let me drown I know that my hope is found In the name of Jesus



 What do you think of this song? 🎶


Music Listening

First off. Sorry I have not done a Song of the Week post since December 13th…oops. So I decided to change it from a weekly song to just a music post whenever I get around to it. 😀

What should I call these posts? I don’t have any good ideas, so let me know you ideas in the comments! 

love a lil bit

Here is the song I am sharing for this post: 


Have you heard of Spencer Kane? What type of music do you wanna see in these posts? Name ideas? 😀 🎶


Snow Snow Snow

isnow snow snow

Yes, it snowed again. ❄

We have gotten a total of 20 inches of snow in the past 2 weeks! Super amazing moisture for dry CO, it is great!! 🙂 The other day I went outside to get some snowy photos, and to just get outside as well. 

img_9694Evergreen. Snow. Blue Skies. 

img_9757Ruby picked up this block of snow and named it…Frank, I believe. 😛

img_9741Silas and Ruby sledding. 

img_9682The sky was so pretty, lots of fun clouds! ❤

img_9717Welp, would you look at that–that snow was a lot deeper than I thought. 😀 

img_9723Look at my snazzy bro! 😎

img_9683Country. Muddy. Dirt Driveway. 

img_9754Ruby wanted to try to get a photo of her throwing snow. 🙂 

img_9770Snow angel time. 


This photo looks kinda weird…can you even see the snowdrift I was trying to capture? 😛

img_9676Sparkly snow. ❄


More clouds! 
Go, Silas! 🙃
The dead and life of winter.
Look at this huge snowdrift on the edge of our property. 
Another snow drift. Yes, if you didn’t already guess, this was a very windy snow storm. 
Where did those little trees go?! Haha, well…at least they won’t need to be watered. 
Footprints. 👣


Do you like snow photography? 


How much snow have you gotten in January?




5 Fun Sledding Photos


Happy Wednesday friends!! 

Last week we had a big snow storm (today too, actually) and we went sledding! I braved taking my phone out with me so I could take some pictures…and only dropped it once. 🙄



Mom and Ruby getting ready to sled.

Silas made a cute little snowman!

Snazzy selfie with Ruby. ❤

I dropped my phone is the poweredery snow right after taking this. 😛


Silas sledding trying to snowboard on a sled. 😀


Do you like sledding? 🛷


Friends, Snow, and Fun Times!!

friends, snow, and fun times!!


A week ago I had a belated, but very lovely birthday party with some of my friends! It was so much fun!! I thought I would share some photos from that fun day! 🙂

After eating a yummy lunch and talking some, we went up to my room and did each other’s hair and makeup! We also listened to random music and talked about random things. 😛

After we got all pampered up, we went out into the cold and 6inches of snow to take some pictures, besides it being cold, it was a lot of fuun!! 

A classic selfie with my wonderful friends!! 

My pretty, cute, loving friends! ❤ 

Our album cover photo 😀 

Ahh! I love this aesthetic feeling. 😍


After taking lots of fun, cute, snowy pictures we came inside and had some hot tea and brownies and chatted. 

It was a wonderful couple of hours. My friends made me feel very special and loved. *hugs* They all blessed me with gifts, and very sweet cards!! If any of you girls read this, I just want to say thank you again for the wonderful day you gave me. LOVE YOU ALL! ❤ 



Sally Hansen- Salon Chrome Nails

sally hansen- salon chrome nails

Heyyy! Time for another fashion-ish post for yall! 


My mom got me this neat nail kit…so let’s see how this works! 

The kit actually only included the two middle items…I had to buy the two that say ‘Gel’.

First, you apply two coats of the step one miracle gel…

Then after those two coats are almost dry you gently apply this fun powdered stuff…


It adds a fun shimmer to your nails, sorry the photo isn’t great…

then you add this special top coat over the shimmer…

Then you add the final top coat…

All done! They look different in different lights, and are shimmery and fun! I did these kinda quick..but they turned out pretty neat! I will do them again for sure! 😀 


Have you ever tried this type of gel nails? Do you enjoy these types of posts? 🙂 💅🏼



3k subscribers || Giveaway!

Check out this awesome giveaway! 🙂 …

Hello everyone! I am so excited for today’s post! We have reach 3,000 subscribers on Digital Diary which means it’s time for a giveaway! Todays giveaway is sponsored. 1 winner will be chosen and get to pick an item from the Etsy shop, The Striped Plaid & Co!

The Striped Plaid & Co is an Etsy shop that sells home decor, digital downloads, and more. The shop is absolutely adorable, and also pretty new to Etsy. All of the products / designs have a neat and clean look to them, and I’m sure that this shop will be very successful!

This giveaway is open to both US and international BUT international can only win a digital print due to shipping cost. Don’t worry though, this shop has some beautiful digital prints! US is open to their choice of anything in the shop. 🙂

You can enter the giveaway by using the raffle…

View original post 27 more words



This post has been in progress for way too long, glad to finally be able to post it, haha!

Last semester at my co-op I was part of an amazing knitting class!! The project was so neat, so I thought I should share it! 😀


This awesome book includes the instructions to make the project, but it also has a weekly/daily Bible study!!


This was the yarn I used, you can use any color, but the Vanna’s Choice yarn works great!




The first pattern is very simple,  you only need to make one the first week, but you will need two more for later. 😉


This is a neat looking stitch, a little hard though

This square is smaller, and you’ll sew it onto one of the 3 grey ones you can do in the first week.

I don’t remember this one too much, 😛 But It seems like it was fairly easy.

This one is fun!! Though, if you do mess up you can tell easily.


This one was a little hard and did not turn out super well, but I still like it.


I liked this one! Looks a little wiggly though. 😛


This one is really neat, and it is the centerpiece of the project!


This one you used pattern 2, then sewed on the smaller heart one. It makes a pocket!


This one is really pretty, but I think it was hard, ish. 😛

…Okay, I started this post a long time ago, but just finished the last square…finally, so now I can finish this post. 😀 


This one was really hard…explains why this post has taken so long. 😛 It is still not perfect at all… but I just decided to go with it. Because I had redone it over and over again too many times. 😀 


I still need to sew them all together, but I will show the final project in another post whenever I actually get it finished. 🙂