{ How I do my Makeup! }


On this lovely Sunday morning, I am gonna show you how I do my makeup!! The pictures aren’t the best, but this should still be fun! 🙂





Here I am before any makeup…wow, I don’t look too good 😛 








First I apply both of those shiny eyeshadows, I mix them. 








After I have the two eyeshadows on. 









Next, I use a bit of the two darkest ones and put it in the corner of my eyelid…








Looks creepy, like that 😛 









Then I take this thin brush and mix the dark eyeshadow into the lighter eyeshadow 








It will look like that! 









Now time for the eyeliner!! 









There ya go! 









Now I put on some concealer…



















…and then blush! 









Looking good 😀 









Now I take some of the shiny eyeshadow…








and I put it under my eye. Can you see it? 🙂 









Now time to curl my eyelashes!! 









Mascara time! My favorite part 😛 









Mascara. Done!










All done!! *dances*









Phew! I look a lot better with my glasses back on 😛 I get so used to my glasses, being on me 🙂 







By the way, a few weeks ago I did a post about my makeup, so if you haven’t read it,  you can check it out HERE! 


I had a lot of fun doing this post! I hope you ladies enjoyed it!! 🙂 



The Model


The other night Ruby, my sister, got the idea to dress up and do her makeup so that I could take photos of her! 🙂 She requested that I post them on my blog..so here you go! 🙂



This is the makeup she used…yes, that is bright blue eyeshadow! 


See her blue eyeshadow? *this is the only pic in color, the rest are in black and white* 


Look at her cute little pose 😛 


Only the red shows up!! 😀 


This one is my favorite!! 



Well. That was short post, but I still hope you enjoyed seeing the pics of my little model 😛 ❤ 


| Writing Contest |


I am just giving yall a reminder that the writing contest is still open…in fact, we have extended the deadline to the 27th!! 

If you have no clue what I am talking about then you can check out the post from a few weeks ago, with more details-HERE!! 😀 If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below! ❤ 

Have a wonderful Friday!! Look out for more posts from me this weekend 🙂 



Feel free to reblog and spread the word about this contest!!! 😀 ❤ 

Magazine Recommendation!!

Hello girls!! 

It is Friday, yay!! I am really looking forward to this weekend! Tomorrow I don’t have anything going on, besides hanging out, sleeping in, blogging and chores 😀 But Sunday is a really full day so you won’t be hearing from me…but we don’t have school Monday *yay* So hopefully I can do some blogging!! 🙂 


Today I want to tell you about a wonderful magazine for Christain teenage girls!!

Brio Magazine!


Brio is an American teen magazine that ran from 1990 to 2009 and resumed in 2017. It is published by the American evangelical Christian group Focus on the Family, and it was formerly edited by Susie Shellenberger.[1] [2] The magazine is aimed at teen girls and presented topics typical of other teen magazines (fashion and beauty tips, music, and culture) from an evangelical Christian perspective. Until 2009, it was paired with a magazine for older girls called Brio and Beyond.

After years of being not published, Brio Girl began being published again in May 2017. Now being named as just Brio, the first new issue has Sadie Robertson on the cover. [3] [4]

Each year of subscriptions comes with ten issues of Brio, and it is available as a gift or can be bought straight out of several sites, including Focus on the Family Publishing.

{From Wikapedia} 


I love Brio!! I have only gotten about 5 of them so far, but they have all been so wonderful!! I love that they are made for Christain teenage girls, just like me!! It is so nice to have a magazine that I can trust, and it can help me grow in my Faith! ❤  I highly recommend it for any Christain teenage girl!! You can read more about getting a subscription to it here.

If you are interested in getting them you can check out some previews/reviews of the past issues here!🙂



I am gonna tell you a bit about the ones I have! 😀 We live in CO, that is where Focus on the Family is headquartered, so I got 4 of them from just picking them up there!! And then I have gotten 1 with my subscription! 🙂 

Image result for linesDSCN2853-stamped

This was the first one when they relaunched! It came out in May of 2017. It had Saide Robertson on the cover! 

What it includes:

  • An “Ask the Doctor section” 
  • A craft 
  • Hairstyles 
  • Plugged In
  • Articles 
  • Stories
  • Quizzes 
  • Interview with Sadie 
  • “Ask Brio” section 
  • Creative corner 

That is just some of what is in this amazing magazine! The same type of stuff is in every one of the magazines, just different topics and such 😉



This one came out in June/July of 2017. And had Hollyn, a Christain singer on the cover. 

There were lots of really good articles in this one!! They were on the topics of love, modesty, depression, Hollyn’s interview, missions, guys, and being busy.

My favorites ones were on the topic of love. ❤

Hollyn’s interview was also really fun!! 😀 She shared some great advice and stories!






This one came out in October of 2017. Chelsea Crockett was on the cover! 

This one had a lot of good content! They had Crystal Hodges’ story in there. As well as a quiz, story, an article about friendship!

Then Chelsea Crockett had 4 pages! She talked about beauty, makeup, YouTube, and just life as a Christain teenage girl! I really enjoyed her article! I recommend checking out her blog! She posts some great stuff!

Overall, I really liked the October issue! ❤




This one came out in November of 2017. They had Blaise Rojas, from Seventh Day Slumber, on the cover! 

Yoga! They had some yoga workout!! (I haven’t done them yet 😛 )

They talked a lot about being grateful…it was November (Thanksgiving)  😉

Then they interview Blaise, it was an interesting, and neat interview! I enjoyed it!! It was fun to hear his story, and hear his thought on different topics!




This is the latest issue, February 2018!! Rion Page is on the cover! 

This issue had a lot to do on love, seeing that it is February 😛 They had an article, on love, by Kristen Clark, from Girl Defined…if you have followed my blog for awhile, you know that I have done a few posts on Girl Defined, and I love them!! 🙂

There was a fun quizz for BFF’s to take! I am hoping to do that with some of my BFF’s soon!! ❤ * might even blog about it!!*

A lot of good articles in this one as well!! The article about Rion Paige was really good! Look her up! Her story is amazing! ❤


Well, that sums up my review of the 5 Brio magazines I have read!! I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I could have written a lot more about each of them…but didn’t want to write my own magazine telling about a magazine 😛 



Do you get Brio?

What is your favorite magazine? 

What did you think of this post?


Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Hello again! 

Now that it is the day after, Valentine’s Day…I am finally posting about it! haha!

This is gonna be a long post…kinda 😛 I will be doing 2 Valentine’s Day tags!!

Let’s do this! *puts on shades?!*


My amazing friend, Lizzy, tagged me for the I love you tag! Thank you so much!! ❤ 


Use the tag image Lizzy created!

Link the creator(Lizzy) and the original post!

Send the card/tag to 5 or more other blogging buddies! You can send it to me and anyone else that I tag because there are no questions! So no one has to redo a whole bunch of questions! You can just send the card to me or the same people I did and explain why YOU love them!

Definition Of A Blogging Buddy: a blogger friend with whom you have become close or very close!

Use the special twist…

When you tag people…say one reason why you love each of them and their blog!❤


Wow, this sounds so fun!! Great idea, Lizzy!! I am gonna do 10 people.  Don’t feel like you are not loved if I do not tag you…because you are loved!! ❤ ❤ 😀


Bekah. Oh, Bekah…you have been such a dear friend! I love chatting with you so much!! Are are such a snazzy, an amazing friend! You always make me laugh, and if I need encouragement I know you will be there for me! ❤ I am so glad we have become friends!! I love you!! ❤ 

Cassia.We aren’t super close friends. But I really do enjoy the chats we have had and doing photography challenges with you!! You are such a fun girl, with a lot of Joy! I hope we can do a collab soon, and grow closer as friends!! ❤ 

Hope. Girl, you are so fun! You are always so happy, even when you are sick, and can always make me smile! I love chatting and fangirling about Odyssey with you! It is so nice! 😀 Can’t wait for our upcoming adventure together!!!*winks* 

Claire. Thanks for being there for me, and allowing me to help you with your blog design earlier this year! It was so fun!! I hope that you are having a great week and that you will have many more years of blogging adventures! ❤ ❤ 

Sophie.I love your blog! I just wanna thank you for talking to me last Sunday, I know there was some awkward silence, haha, but it was still really nice to actually talk about life! ❤ Keep up the blogging, and I look forward to hanging out and talking again soon! ❤ *hugs* 

Maggie.You are such a sweet girl! I enjoy chatting with you! You have a great blog, I love all you posts! Your posts that have to do with teenage topics have been a great help for me! You are a great blogger and an amazing girl! You are someone I look up to! Thanks for being so caring! ❤ 

Ariana. I appreciate that you comment on about all my posts, it means a lot! Also, you have a great blog! I love your post!! Keep up the great blogging! ❤ 

Richa.Thank you for being such a kind follower! I always appreciate your comments. And I love your blog! 🙂 

Lizzy.Where to begin…you have been such an amazing friend!!! ❤ You have been such a great friend! I love chatting with you so much!! You…are wonderful!! *wow, I kinda went in circles, but I think you get what I mean. 😉 Thank you for always being here for me! ❤ I love you so much!!! 

Gracie. First off, I love your name 😛 You are a very sweet girl! I have enjoyed getting to know you a bit more! 


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Next up is the Valentines Day Tag! Hope did this tag, she didnt nominate me, but I thought I’d do it aways! 🙂 You can see Hope’s post here.



1. Link the 1st post

2. Thank the person who tagged you and link their post

3. Answer the 10 original questions and then answer the 4 questions the person who tagged you made.

4. Tag 9-14 people




1. Would You Rather Get a lot of Valentines Day cards for people you don’t know very well or only 1 card from you crush/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend?

A lot of Valentine’s day cards. 🙂 

2. WYR host a Valentine’s Day party or be a guest at one?

Host one! 

3. WYR receive only chocolate or only teddy bears for Valentines Day?


4. WYR spend Valentine’s day with friends or family?

I always spend it with family, so I’d have to say, family, 😀

5. WYR Receive a romantic card or a funny one?


6. WYR Write a Valentines day poem to read aloud to your whole school/coworkers or have a Valentine’s Day poster you made displaying everywhere in your workplace/school.

A poster.

7. WYR make handmade cards for your friends or buy them?

I always handmake mine!! 🙂 

8. WYR receive 100 chocolates or stuffed animals?

100 chocolates! 😀 I already have too many stuffed animals! 

9. WYR get anything, I repeat, ANYTHING that you pick out for Valentine’s Day or a surprise gift?

oh…this is actually hard 😛 I’d probably say a surprise!! 

10. WYR give cards to only boys or girls?

Girls. Sorry boys 🙂 


4 Extra Questions:

Have you ever been embarrassed on Valentines Day?

Probably 😛

What is the best thing you have ever gotten on Valentine’s Day?


What is your favorite Valentine’s Candy?

Chocolate 😀



Whoever wants to do this fun tag!! 😀



1- What did you do on Valentine’s day?

2- What do you get on Valentine’s day?

3- Do you give Valentine’s cards?

4- What do you love about February?



 There ya go!! Sorry, this post is late, but at least I did it! 😛 I will try to post more this week! Have a wonderful Thursday! ❤ 




Valentine’s Day DIYs! <3



Happy Valentine’s Day!! 

I have collaborated with Jenna from The Blog Dolly!! And today we are each showing you a Valentine’s Day craft/DIY!! ❤ 

Jenna is gonna show us how she makes these super fun Valentine’s Day bath bombs!! 


Go for it!! 😀 

Hello everyone today Gracie and I are doing a collab! I am super excited for you to read this post! Gracie and I have some very fun and Valentines themed DIYs planned for you! So let’s get started!

First, add 1/2 cup of baking soda to a bowl.


Second, add 1/8 tbs. Of cream of tartar to the baking soda.


Then, add 5 drops of essential oils.


Next, add 1/2 tbsp. Of olive oil.


Then, add 1 tbs. Of water and mix ingredients together!

Next, put your mixture into your molds. Let it sit overnight then take them out in 24 hours.

Then, voila! You are finished! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!



Awesome!! Thank you so much Jenna!! I will have to try those sometime!! 😀 

Now I am gonna show Y’all some Valentine’s day pun doodles I did! 🙂


I just love puns!! They are so amzing!! What is your favorite pun? 😀 

I didnt to any tutorials, like Jenna. But if you want me to, tell me in the coments and it might just be a post! 😀 



Sorry, this post was suposed to be on Monday, but we weren’t quite ready 😛 *oops* 

I hope you still enjoyed it!! 😀 ❤ ❤ Also be on the look out for hopfully another post, today! 😀