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I Know Who I Am- Gabe Goodin


I know who I am
I’m a, late nighter, late awaker, Stubborn teacher, and a hardcore learner
Yeah I’m a, fast climber, big dreamer Look small but I can throw a heater
Christ saved a while ago and to Him I will be forever grateful And I’ll try to walk in his ways, while singing out praise Forever and ever amen
You can try to change me, but I’m in His hands I’m in His hands, and He’s got his plans for me

I know who I am, I know where I’m at in life
No one can push me forward or pull me back

The world is moving fast but I feel it slow Taking the lead wherever I go Music calms my nerves and fears It’s been my passion for many years When I look back on the life that I’ve lived
Mist and brief visions pass through my head ya
When I look to the skies with my very own eyes The beauty and goodness I cannot despise When my mood is feelin low, I’ll grab my guitar and let the notes flow Soon my world feels bright again, I feel the sun rays upon my skin ya

yeah I know who I am
I know where I’m at in life
No one can push me forward or pull me back

Ohhhhhhh I know who I am
I know where I’m goin, know where I’ve been
Christ brought me out of the darkness

Yes! Gabe goes to my church, it is so fun to see him already come out with a song and its awesome!! 

I love how he described his personality, and who he is in Christ.
Know who you are in Christ.

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