A Hike at St. Mary’s Falls -The day I almost died-

Howdy, Hey, Ho! 

Last week I went on a 6+ mile hike with my mom, dad, brother, and cousin, Toby. It was fun and super pretty…but yes, I also almost died (ish…though maybe slightly dramatized) 

Does anyone know what these flowers are? 🌸

In the beginning, we walked about a mile ( I think) on a dirt road before we got to the trailhead. 

Oooh, look at the view already. 😍

The cousin crew. 😎


We used to have a big bush with these flowers at our old house, I think it has the name honey in it, maybe, maybe not. 😛 

W I L D   R O S E 

I love creeks. ❤ 

What are these? They were all over these bushes. 🤔

Humm…Someone’s underwear waistband?! 

Sadly this photo turned out kind of blurry, but there are super neat flowers that I had never seen before! 

We were hiking along, then all of a sudden my mom pointed out this caterpillar hanging over the trail. It was hanging from a very tall tree. I’m not sure what it was doing..making its cocoon maybe? 🐛  This was the only photo I took that was actually focused. 😛 

I really like this photo that my mom took of me! 🙂 

A ladybug with no spots. Interesting. 🐞

A small waterfall along the trail. 

Here are more of those neat flowers. 

Thanks for photobombing, Toby. 😛 

Well, hello there buggy. 

I love these flowers too. 😀 

 N A T U R E 

Oh my, we’re almost there. Now, my mom and I just need to take it slow and not pass out from the heat, high altitude, and all the hiking struggles. 

“Turn back” “0.5” People made some edits to the sign that made me laugh. 

Ahh…almost. to. the. top. 

I think these might also be wild roses? 

Yesss I madee ittt!! 

The view was very pretty, the view of the city below, and St. Mary’s Falls in back of us. 💞

Woah. Look at what the altitude did to my snack! 😛 

Ahhh, look at Colorado Springs down below. 

My photography bro. 📷

P U R P L E 

More of  St. Mary’s Falls. 

Hydro Flask, please sponsor me!! 😛 

W A T E R 

Oooh, look at dat mushroom. 🍄


I had a lot of fun taking pictures along the hike, and accomplishing this hike felt so amazing because I thought I wasn’t going to make it. 😀 


Do you enjoy hiking? ⛰




{All photos are not edited}

25 thoughts on “A Hike at St. Mary’s Falls -The day I almost died-

  1. Wow, that view! I love creeks and waterfalls like that too, I want to stick my feet in it after looking at the picture. 6 miles is so long! I’m glad you survived. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay!! So nice to see pictures to go with the story, lol. 😂❤😎 Love them all, so gorgeous! 😍 And again, super thankful you didn’t die! 😜👌😘


  3. That looks like so much fun! We just recently went on a hike (2 weeks ago). It was like climbing up the side of the mountain the whole time!!! It was definitely worth it when we got to the top! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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