{red} Converse & {blue} Converse

{red} Converse & {blue} Converse

Heyy! Time for a post about shoes! 😛  Recently I got two new pairs of Converse!! I have tiny feet, so I was able to get kids Converse they are cheaper so I got two pairs *dances* 

I decided to take some photos of them and share them with you Y’all!



Yes, I am a 3 in kids Converse. 😀 


One pair is maroon! I love that color!


I like how this one turned out! 🙂 


Kinda a neat design at the bottom.


Angle is kinda weird, but this is how they look on me.



Well, there are my red Converse…now onto my blue ones! 🙂



The store was doing a buy one get of 50% off deal! 🙂 


The blue ones on me. 🙂 


Looking good! 



Snazzy! 🙂



The boxes. 😛 


Welp, there are my Converse! I also got another pair of winter shoes, so I am off to write that post now! 🙂



Do you have Converse?

What type of shoes do you like to wear?

What did you think about this post? 


44 thoughts on “{red} Converse & {blue} Converse

  1. Converse are my absolute favorite shoes right now. XD I love the ones you got! I almost got burgundy, but I don’t really have much that would match with it so I just got black. 😉 And that’s great with the price you were able to get yours. I had to get an adult size so mine were $50. I want to get some grey ones soon! 😀

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  2. Those are so cute. I own 3 pairs of converse black ones, lavender ones, and pink ones with roses. I love your maroon ones they look so good!! 😀
    -Rose ❤


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