Back on the Road Home

Back on the Road Home

Well, we are now driving back home, just have a few more photos to share with Y’all 🙂



Off we go, only 8-9 more hours to go! DSCN7642-stamped

Yay! It’s another state! Hey there, Wyoming! 


It was pretty green in Wyoming, it looked pretty similar to South Dakota. 


Silas and I both listened to hours and hours of music! 🙂


Still in Wyoming.


Yass! Lots of music, and great songs! ❤ 


The sunset was pretty that night! 


Ooh! Puffy clouds! 


Last bit of the sunset, then it got dark and I put away my camera. 😉


I took one photo with my tablet, hence the bad quality. I got an iced coffee at Chick-fil-A, right before 10, when they close. 😀

We got back to Colorado around 9:30, I think and got home around midnight.

Thank you so much for reading all 8 of these posts, if you are still reading. Now you will be seeing more “normal” posts. 😛



By the way, I am not trying to brag about this trip at all! I just wanted to share my experiences and photos. 🙂 ❤

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