Favourite Childhood Movies Tag

Hey friends! I have been nominated for the Favourite Childhood Movies Tag, Thank you, Sarah!!


~ Here are the rules ~

1) Share 5 movies from your childhood.

2) Do a mini write-up about what made this movie special to you as a child. (optional)

3) Acknowledge the person who tagged you and link it back to their blog.

4) Tag 5 or more bloggers to take up the challenge if they choose.



Dragon Tales

Aw, yes…Max and Emmy. I have not watched Dragon Tales in a long time. But I did love it!! 



Blue’s Clues


Lots of fun with this show! 🙂




Dora the Explorer


Dora, Boots, and Swiper! Aw man, those were some good times!! Also, Dora helped me learn some Spanish!! 😀 



Bear in the Big Blue House


Now, Bear is kinda scary to me…But I loved it growing up! 🙂 I still sing some of the songs, that applies to all these shows, haha! 




Barney & Friends


Lots of fun with Barney too, I was just singing a song from it today, actually. 🙂 And my little sis was watching it, so it was fun to hear it again! 




I could keep going, but I can only share 5, haha. But yes…those and many more were my childhood favorites!! I loved a lot of them…and still, do. 😛









Have fun!! I did. 🙂



Did you watch any of these shows?



43 thoughts on “Favourite Childhood Movies Tag

  1. I love your choices! 😍 Bear in the Big Blue House was a favourite of mine too. 😄 Thanks for taking up the tag; I enjoyed reading this post!


  2. Thanks for the nomination, Gracie!! Wooow, Dragon Tales – what a throwback! I had an extreme fear of Barney when I was younger, and I’m pretty sure I still do. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. YES! I watched all of these! I didn’t watch Barney that often though, because he scared me. . . I liked to watch Disney movies when Grant was watching Barney 😂😂


  4. Oh my word yes Dora was literally someone I wanted to be when I grew up HAHAHA. And Barney.. we were so in love with him too. Thank you for nominating me! It’s gonna be fun!!


  5. Oh my gosh I watched all of these! You just brought back so many memories LOL! I still sing Blue’s Clues and Bear in the Big Blue House songs 😂😳. I try to talk to my younger sisters about them but they don’t remember them and it makes me feel so old!


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