Q&A with Brad

Q&A With Brad

Hi! Today I am doing a collab with, Brad!! Please check out his blog, it is awesome!!

I’ll be asking him some questions on my blog and then he will ask me some on his! Let’s do dis!! *dances*


Message from Brad:

Hey there! My name is Brad, and I live in Southwestern Ontario! I am a homeschooled teenager going through high school! I live in the country and love outdoor activities including hockey, volleyball, swimming, biking, and trampoline! Some of my favourite hobbies include listening to Adventures in Odyssey, Blogging, Online Shopping, and exploring the world of Real Estate! My plan is to be a Real Estate Agent when I am older in Northern Ontario! I hope to one day build my dream log home on the lake! (With an indoor pool, of course 😉 ) I have my own blog, ‘Total Bradness,’ and really enjoy blogging! I hope you enjoy the Q&A Collab I do with Gracie!


Bold= Me

Normal= Brad


Gracie: What is your favorite thing to blog about?

Brad: Things that I find Fascinating! #FascinatingFriday!

 Haha, very nice! I like those too!


Gracie: What do you like most about living in Canada?

Brad: I love Tim Hortons! I also enjoy the scenery in Northern Ontario, with large trees, rocks, lakes, and gorgeous fall colours!

Sounds very pretty!!


Gracie: Do you like being homeschooled?

Brad: Yes, it is awesome! I wouldn’t change it for the world!



Gracie: Besides blogging what do you like to do in your free time?

Brad: Listen to Adventures in Odyssey, Explore the world of Real Estate, shop online, rollerblade, bike, play hockey, listen to music, plan family vacations and getaways, and prepare for my future!

Very fun!


Gracie: What is your dream job?

Brad: Real Estate ALL THE WAY!!

Haha, I should have guessed! 


Gracie: What is your favorite thing about Real Estate?

Brad: Interacting with, helping, and getting to know the people I work with!



Gracie: How many US states have you been to?

Brad: I am only going to count ones that I have stayed in, not traveled through. Florida, Vermont, Michigan, South Carolina, and Indiana. (I’m sure I’ve stayed in hotels in other states for a night while traveling, but the main ones I have visited are above.)

Awesome! I have not been to any of those, but I want to!!


Gracie: Do you like to read?

Brad: Not really. I enjoy reading if the subject is about something that I am interested in or can relate to. So, I like AIO books and Real Estate books. Generally, I prefer listening to audio.

Gotcha. 😉


Gracie: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Brad: Flying to Florida to visit my cousins!!

That sounds soo fun!! 


Gracie: What is your favorite Bible verse?

Brad: I’m not sure which is my favourite, but I really like:

 Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

That is a great one! 


Gracie: When do you listen to music?

Brad: Ooh, thanks for asking!! I listen while I work on schoolwork, while I bike or rollerblade, and on car rides.

Awesome, I listen to music a lot!


Gracie: What is your least favorite subject in school?

Brad: Not sure… English and Logic are pretty difficult right now.



Gracie: What is your favorite chore?

Brad: Probably cleaning my room, because although it isn’t always that fun, it is SO rewarding when I am done!

Haha, very true. I love having a clean bedroom! 🙂 


Gracie: What are you most hoping will happen within the next year?

Brad: I hope to get my driver’s license!

Very exciting!! You will have to blog about it!


Gracie: Who is your favorite AIO character?

Brad: Ahh!! Help, this is WAY too hard! I really like both Jason and Connie. Episodes with Jason are so exciting, especially when he is working on a case. And Connie is an incredible actor! AIO would not be the same without her, she adds so much fun to the show! (But, there are many other characters that I enjoy as well )

Haha, gotcha! 🙂 


Gracie: What writing tool do you like to use the most?

Brad: I highly recommend Grammarly! It is a free writing program that is FAR superior to Microsoft Word. You can download it onto any device or write things online in their app. They also have a free extension for your browser that catches writing and grammar issues on whatever you do online! Whether writing a blog post, messaging a friend, or sending an email, Grammarly will save you from many embarrassing mistakes that you wouldn’t have realized until you hit send.

Agreed, Grammarly is awesome! It has helped me SO much!!


Gracie: What were you doing 12 minutes ago?

Brad: Answering other questions

Oh…I should have thought of that. 😛 


Gracie: What is something you want to get better at?

Brad: I want to get better at blogging! 🙂

Nice! You are, and will continue to! 


Gracie: Do you plan before writing a blog post?

Brad: It depends. Certain ones require a fair bit of preparation like if I were to do a photography post, I would have to go out beforehand and snap some photos. Other posts I can write without a lot of preparation.



Gracie: What is your favorite word?


J – Jesus First

O – Others Next

Y – Yourself Last

I find this word a great reminder of what brings true joy.

Awesome, I love that!!!



That was so fun! Thank you so much for doing this with me, Brad!! It was fun to get to know you better!

Don’t forget to check out Brad’s blog to see my part of the Q&A! 🙂





14 thoughts on “Q&A with Brad

  1. Awesome answers, Brad – and great interviewing, Gracie! 🙂 Your favorite Bible verses are some of mine, as well, and good luck on getting your driver’s license, Brad! You can totally do it!


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