i Bayam -Fineliner Pens-

{An Art Review}

Howdy, Ho, Hi!

Today I am gonna do a bit of a review of these fun pens I got recently!!


…I was looking for some fine tipped pens to write in my calendar, and planner, and to doodle with as well!! And I came across these on Amazon!!



I have really been enjoying them so far!! I love the colors and how they write! 


I had some fun taking pictures of them! So here are so pictures! 😛  ⇑

You can also see the colors and the size of the tips. 




Those are the names of the colors, and how they look!   ⇑

Info on them:

  • 0.38 superfine fine point
  • 18 unique colors
  • acid-free with waterbased ink dry safe
  • metal tipped


Okay…so that did not really turn out to be a review 😀 But, I will just say that I do recomend these pens to anyone!! And I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have!! 


Do you like pens like this?

What do you like to write with?

Do you have any questions?



16 thoughts on “i Bayam -Fineliner Pens-

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  2. Nice pens!! Have you tried Sharpie Art Pens? I got them when they first came out (maybe 2 years ago) and they’re still going strong! I also like Pigma Micron pens.


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