Happy Easter!! {Jesus Christ is Risen!}



Today is a great day!! Jesus Christ, my Savior, is risen!! He died on the cross and rose on the third day…He went through all that suffering because He loves us SO much!! Thank you, Jesus!! ❤ *


I want to share a song that I really love, it is not really an Easter song…but it kinda is 😛 I hope you enjoy it!! 🙂

Did you like it? I LOVE it!! It is so catchy, and great lyrics!! 


Here are some Easter songs I love!!


Forever | Kari Jobe

Christ Is Risen | Matt Maher

Hillsong United | Lead Me To The Cross with Lyrics

Kari Jobe | O The Blood 

Chris Tomlin | Crown Him [Majesty] [with Kari Jobe]

Jeremy Camp | Overcome


There are lots more! But I just wanted to share a few 🙂 And I would love for you to listen to them today!


Some Easter Quotes and Bible verses!









I hope you have a wonderful Easter!! ❤



What are you doing today?

What did you think of the first song?

What is your favorite Easter song? 


Happy Easter!!


* This is NO joke, yes it is also April fools day 😀 …but most importantly, it is EASTER!! 🙂


58 thoughts on “Happy Easter!! {Jesus Christ is Risen!}

  1. I loved the post!!! We went to the Easter Vigil last night and today we are going to my grandparent’s houses to celebrate with cousins.

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      1. Mine was good! We first went to my mom’s mom’s house (where I took a bunch of photos XD. Then we went to my dad’s mom’s house. We also tried playing volleyball but it took too long to set up so we only played a couple minutes.

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  2. HAPPY EASTER, GRACIE!!! ❤ I love the song "Havana". I really like how they made it into a Christian song. Thanks for sharing!


  3. When I first heard the secular Havana on the radio, I’ll admit it was catchy but lacked lyrical substance (typical for secular pop music). This version though has substance! Awesome! Thanks for sharing G! Happy Easter and see you soon!


  4. At my school, there is this really annoying kid who sings/hums Havanna, and now I can just smile back, while thinking, Hosanna Hosanna. Thank you SO much, Gracie!


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