American Girl Doll photo shoot and Q&A with Kaylyn and Gracie!

Today I have joined with Kaylyn from Being Who I’m Meant To Be. *dances* And we are going to share some photos of our American Girl (AG) doll(s) and do an AG Q&A!! I have never done a post about AG, but I am…well, more like was really into American Girl! This should be fun!! *dances with Kaylyn*

American Girl Doll photo shoot and Q&A with Kaylyn and Gracie!


Since Easter is right around the corner, this will kinda be an Easter photo shoot!! I have never taken photos of my doll so this will be fun!! :), LET’S DO THIS!!


Kaylyn’s photos:

Collab 8


Collab 6


Collab 3


Collab 1


Collab 2


Collab 4


Collab 7


Collab 5


My photos:















Kaylyn’s questions for me:

 When did you get your AG doll?
-I got her about 2-3 years ago, I think. 🙂
 What do you like about them?
– I like that some are about history, I love history, and I think they are a well-made doll for girls to play with.
 Which AG doll do you have?
– I have Felicity!!
 Do or did you get the AG catalogs?
– Yes, I do. Though I usually do not look at them, haha.
 Do you think that AG is overpriced?
-Yes. Not on everything, but on a good amount of it. Their stuff is good quality, but still. haha. 
 Have you gone to an AG store?
-Yes. I have. We used to go every summer for a few years. But I have not gone lately. 
 When was the last time you played with your AG doll?
– haha, it has been a while! She is mostly decoration. She probably needs to be dusted. 😛 
 Do you have more than one AG doll?
-Nope. Just Felicity. 🙂 
 Do you style your doll’s hair?
-Yes!! That is just about the only thing I do with her! 🙂
 Do you still play with your AG doll?
– Like I said, not too often. I am not really into playing with dolls. I am more into playing with real babies. 😀 

My questions for Kaylyn: 

How many AG dolls do you have?
-I have 2.
What are their names?
-Their names are Gracelyn and Izzy.
How long have you liked AG?
-Ever since the Girl Of The Year McKenna (2012) came out.
What do you mostly do with your dolls?
-I mostly take pictures of them, do their hair, and dress them.
Have you gotten your doll’s ears pierced?
-Yes, I have! I got Izzy’s ears pierced at the AG store in Columbus, Ohio.
Do you get AG magazines?
-I get the catalogs and magazines. I think that they are very inspiring and neat.
Where do you keep your dolls?
-I keep them in a little corner of my room that I call the “Dollhouse”.
Do you buy stuff for your dolls?
-I buy WAY too much stuff for my dolls! XD
What is your favorite thing about AG?
-I really like that they are trying to inspire girls and make dolls that are fun to play with. 


That was a lot of fun!! Thank you for the fun idea, Kaylyn!! Make sure to check out her blog!!

Have a wonderful Good Friday and Easter! 



What photo(s) did you like the best?

Do you like American Girl?

Should I do more doll photo shoots?

What are you doing for Easter?

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