|oh la la!- Makeup time!! |


It is time for some makeup!! *dances* I know not all you girls wear makeup, and that is totally fine!! ❤ I thought it would be fun to show y’all my makeup! So, today you will see all the makeup I use, and my thoughts on some of them. Then in another post, hopefully in February, I will do a post about how I do my makeup!! 🙂





All the makeup I sometimes use to dress up my eyes 🙂


My eyeshadow palette ⇑⇓


You can tell which ones I use most, haha


I use a Revlon eyelash curler.


I love how this mascara goes on!!! My friend got it for my birthday, and I am so happy!! 😀 


This is the mascara I was using before my birthday, I thought I loved it, but not anymore 😛 


The brushes I use to do my eye makeup. 


Some eyeliner/ brow pencil (I do not do anything with my brows) I use sometimes. Not too often, though. 


I love this eyeliner! It goes on so smoothly. ❤


This primer works amazingly!! I only use it when I want my makeup to be on all day, though. 😉



Love bareMinerals!! It is costly, but my Mom and I love how it goes on!  Fairly Medium is the color I use right now. 


The fairly light was the color I did use, but it made me too pale, I should probably use it sometimes- since I have it. 🙂 


A bareMinerals concealer that I use for breakouts and under my eyes!


*blush* This is a fun bright pink bareMinerals blush! 


Another bareMinerals blush, this one is lighter. 😀


A foundation primer, I do not use it a ton. It does work well though!!

DSCN2648-stampedThe brushes I use for my face! 😀


There ya go!! You have now seen all my makeup!! I hope you enjoyed this post! ❤



What did you think of this post? 

Want more beauty posts? 

Do you wear makeup? 

36 thoughts on “|oh la la!- Makeup time!! |

  1. It was so cool to see what makeup you use 😀
    I love reading beauty posts – this one was super fun!
    I wear a little makeup, like mascara and eyeshadow and sometimes lip products. It can be fun to play around with makeup too haha
    I hope you have a fabulous week, Gracie!

    Lydia ❤


  2. Looks like you use Bare Minerals a lot! My Mom mainly wears Bare Minerals. She says that it’s the only makeup that I am going to be aloud to wear. XD


  3. I like this post! I wear some blush and clear mascara when we go to town, and I’m good with that, its just really fast and simple for my mornings!


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