|Photography Tag|

Howdy folks!!

I am doing the Photography Tag that Brooke from It’s Brooke Jade created!! Check out her post here. I am excited about this tag!! So I am gonna get started right away!! 










  1. What’s the best photo you’ve ever taken? So far, of course.

I have taken a lot of photos, so I am gonna chose one of my best since October of 2016. 🙂


Like it?


2. What camera do you use?

I have a Nikon Coolpix P600. I am saving up for a Canon Rebel! img_0012-editedstamped


3. When did you start getting into photography?

I got my first real camera when I was about 12, but I had enjoyed taking pictures since I was about 8-9 I’d say. But, the past year or so it has become more of a passion! ❤ 


4. Who are your photography inspirations?

My Uncle (who’s camera I am using) is probably one of them. And many of the amazing bloggers who are very talented at photography!! Keep up the good work!! 


5. Any photography tips?

Yes. Don’t give up, just because you are not as good as your friend, or because you can’t get that photo to look “just right” keep trying and learning from your mistakes! You will get better! 


6. Take a picture of the first thing you see when you look up from this post.


Yes, I am at my desk, and yes, it isn’t the tidiest desk. But it works 😀 


8. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a picture?

Good question! I don’t think I have really done anything “crazy” to get a picture, except for climbing up on stuff and things like that. But I will go out of my way to just get a better photo 😛 


I nominate:

Anyone who wants to do this super fun tag!! I had a great time doing this tag and fun tag idea, Brooke! I loved it!! ❤ 







32 thoughts on “|Photography Tag|

  1. The butterfly picture is so beautiful! 🙂 I’ve always loved photography but I’ve only recently decided to become serious about it. You’re an awesome photographer! ❤


  2. The butterfly picture is so breathtaking!! #photographergoals :DDD
    You are soooo good at taking pictures!! I stink at that hahaha
    Your desk is NOT messy. MiNE is. I can’t even work on my desk!! It’s really bad. I have to work on a different table while I clean it up 😳
    Lydia ❤


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