3 Sweet Friends + Music

Hey friends!!

I had three sweet blogging friends do birthday posts for me!! They were all special and so sweet!! Their sweet posts and all the comments have made my birthday extra special!! THANKS SOOO MUCH!!! ❤


Lizzy, Thanks so much!! You posted your post first. I was not expecting any happy birthday posts, so it was a wonderful way to start off my day!! Thanks again for doing that!! *hugs*


Bekah, I thought you might do some sort of shout out to me since you are just that sweet- but I did not know, haha. Thanks so much!! All your kind words are always such an encouragement!! I love you!! *hugs*


AG Doll DreamsI was not expecting you to do a birthday post for me, that was SO sweet!! It made my day!! I enjoy talking AIO with you too!! Thanks for the sweet post!! *hugs*

___________________ ❤

Make sure to check out their posts, and their blogs!! They have some super snazzy blogs!! 


THANKS SO MUCH!! You all are just too sweet!! *HUGS*


Now for a song!! 

This is a song by Jamie Grace, I got her new album for my birthday!!

Jamie Grace – Sixteen (Acoustic) – Original Song

SafeTube link: http://safeYouTube.net/w/1Oxc

A great group I recommend is, 1 Girl Nation!! They have great songs! Especially for teenage girls!





17 thoughts on “3 Sweet Friends + Music

  1. Awe! You’re too sweet! I never expected this post and you just made my day! I’m so glad that I brought joy to you on your birthday! How has your b-day gone so far!? I’ll definitely check out that song!


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