Let’s Make A Card!!

Hello friends!!

Today I sat down and made 3 cards. I used to make them a ton, but I haven’t lately. I will have more to make with Christmas and my birthday coming up…but anyways. I am gonna show you how you can make your own card!! 

Let's Make A Card!!


Are you excited?! I am!! So...Let’s do this!! 




~ A “Handmade Just for You by” Stamp

~ A “Happy Birthday” Stamp

~ Black and brown Memento ink pads

Crafter’s Tape 

~ Bone Folder 

~ Scrapbooking paper/cardstock

~ Pencil

~ Paper cutter

You don’t have to have all that, you can use whatever you have!


Here we go!!! 


Cut the size of the paper you want for your card, then fold the piece of paper in half, I used the bone folder. 


Cut a piece of paper that is slightly smaller than the size of the card.


Continue till you have the right amount of layers, I usually do two. Arrow and orange paper.


For fun, I take a brown ink pad and kinda rub it along the edges of the card and other papers, it gives it more of a rough look. This is optional. 


After you add the brown ink.


I use a tape runner to adhere my papers together, but you can just use glue or double-sided tape.


Now you can stamp, draw or whatever you want on the front.


I add that stamp to the back of all my cards, then write my age, the year, and my name on it. 🙂


Here are the three cards I made today! 


There you go!! Now you can make a card!! Have fun!! 








Did you like this DIY?

Do you like to make cards?

Want to see more craft posts from me?

Are you going to try to make a card like this?


24 thoughts on “Let’s Make A Card!!

      1. I have a Polaroid 3035. I think that is what kind it is. My Mom actually took the photo for my profile pic.


  1. I always make cards for people’s birthdays! It’s kinda what people would expect from me every year on their birthday because I have always been giving cards XD They’re so fun and since they’re handmade, it’s a pretty thoughtful thing!


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