Giving Thanks!


Happy Thanksgiving


I hope Y’all are having a great Thanksgiving!!–I am going to share something that I am really thankful for!

*I took some time a few weeks ago to write out this post* 🙂

–A year ago this November, my Dad’s mom, I call her Momma Mimi, went to the hospital. She had a heart attack and had to have surgery. What she had, has a certain name, but I think of it right now… But, I do know that it is a miracle that she is still with us ❤ I’m SO grateful for all the doctors and nurses who helped save her life!! ❤ Most of all, I thank God!!

It was a very scary time for my whole family, it was very sudden…so that was even worse.  She has recovered well. She is still having some health (related to the heart) problems, but Lord willing, she will be with us for many more years! <3–

<<This song has meant a lot to me, ever since then ❤



“…It doesn’t matter what the world says I’ve seen what you can do I know it’s more than just coincidence It is amazing how You move It’s not always parting oceans Sometimes it’s the little moments When you show how close you are
Some would say it’s only chance I’m not gonna second guess I’ve seen the hand of God…”

“…‘Cause I believe in miracles You can do the impossible Every single heartbeat means There’s a God who’s in control And I know that I’m not alone
Even when it’s difficult Your love is all the proof I need You’re the God who won’t let go I believe in miracles I believe in miracles…”

“…You can speak and calm the waters But when you let the waters rise I’ll remember you are still the God Who never leaves my side ‘Cause I believe in miracles You can do the impossible Every single heartbeat means There’s a God who’s in control And I know that I’m not alone Even when it’s difficult Your love is all the proof I need You’re the God who won’t let go I believe in miracles I believe in miracles…”

I believe in miracles!


I hope you enjoyed this song as much as I do!! ❤








Do you have a song that has a special meaning to you?

What are you doing to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Have you seen God work a miracle in your life?




17 thoughts on “Giving Thanks!

  1. That was a awesome story Gracie.
    (I know this a late post) 😛
    I remember a miracle that happened in my family several years ago. My 2 older brothers were really creative workers! They liked to use their imaginations and build things, like tree houses and swinging bridges, elevators, and fire poles in their tree houses. Then they decided to build a zip line, not a super long one, but then not a short one ether. After they built it they always tested it out before us younger kids had a ride, to make sure it was safe. It had a seat, and handles to grab on to, the zip line itself was really safe, but maybe not what it was connected to… They had it connected around 2 huge trees. But never thought of it going down to fast. One of my brothers went down. Since it was down hill just a little bit it went kinda fast, and faster, and faster, and everything blacked out, at least to my brother. He lay upside down his legs were over the seat, he was unconscious. He woke to my older sister yelling at him. He was fine, with a little bruise on his head. I always thought of that as a miracle, ’cause the way he was hanging there seemed… ….unreal on how he could not of fallen off!

    Well I actually just though of that today, and a many other things I was blessed with, when I was humming the song, “Count Your Blessings”. 🙂

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